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Beware the Bogeymen - Sales

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Hello all,

Just to remind you that the sales section and club membership is there for a reason - protecting you.

In the last few days, it's come to light that a non-paid member has contacted another and sold them some items, items which, when they turned up, were not as described.

The seller in this case appears to have been someone we had banned before for the same thing, only come back with a different account. The IP address has now also been banned, but this isn't an infallible method as new accounts can be made and logged in from anywhere.

We know that the restrictions before you can sell items makes things less easier than Facebook etc, but it is there to protect you as buyers, and give sellers a decent place to advertise.

In this case, the buyer may come out of this okay thanks to Paypal. Please be vigilant. We're fine with using the messenger to sort out details between parties concerning something for sale on the forum, but when someone with just a 'Member' title is straight up selling in messenger, something isn't right. Give us a heads up by reporting, and we can look into it and see if it's something we need to take action on.

Thanks all!

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On other forums I used to only deal with people with a long term account etc 

People think PayPal is the answer but you can scam using PayPal if u know the loop holes 

Ip banning is way too easy to get round also 

It's a shame as these forums really do help people not just this one all of them and seems to be becoming more and more common 

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