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Fusion motorsport - anyone used them?

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hi everyone.

looking online at places that tune and map my starlet.

It has an me221 standalone ecu and want someone that knows starlets but also can tune these ecus as they are still relatively new.

Really want a company and someone i can trust to tune/setup my car.

can anyone shed some light please.

i dont mind travelling but they are relatively local to me as im in crawley near gatwick. only an hour from me.

Any help always appreciated



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no ones used them then?

any advice on tuners then for ourstarlets?

someone that can use and tune the me221? surely someone can offer some advice. 

i really want to take it to someone that ca setup my car properly and help me finish my build but i want to make sure i take it to someone i can trust!

looking for a steer in the right direction...

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yeah i dont disagree with you there. 

This is my first proper build so dont hve ny contacts with tuners. i took a risk with the me221 only because i know people have had very good rsults on mx5's particulairly my mates mx5 turbo

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Bringing back a dead thread here I know but ed at fusion is great. I am also a dealer of the ME range. Did you get it sorted and tuned in the end? I've tuned a few now and I'm very happy with them but some real world reviews wouldn't hurt! 

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