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Starlet to Glanza Rep

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I thought I’d share my journey with everyone of how I’m slowly transforming this green turd into a less turdy green machine.. I’ve had it over a year now and this is the progress so far.

I bought the car February 2018 and as you can see it’s hat it’s fair few encounters with “that came out of nowhere’s” scrapes and garnished with some questionable stickers. 

First thing I did was to take it home remove some of the stickers and take it to the jetwash, and give it a full clean. I then took a rattle can to the sportif hubcap covers which looked quite nice as at this point I couldn’t afford alloys that did me for a while until I fully discovered the Halfords air filter section and as the caption said, the engine bay definitely needed a good clean. But I didn’t really get round to doing it for a couple months.

i then found a cheap eBay japcannon of an exhaust and got in touch with the local exhaust company who made a custom cat back with it. (I know this if anything would probably crap on the performance but at the time I wanted a loud car that I could rev because we all know loud exhausts is what really get the ladies interested B).

After this I decided to browse eBay for some bargain tint foil and found a reflective turquoise which I think looks good except for the face I put it on so it looks like crap, (it will be re done black professionally eventually). Next was the clear indicator lenses and Glanza rear lights which both fitted very easily and were a straight swap, same with the rear bumper. 

I did also buy a spoiler and a jap spec boot with spoiler so I did a mock up to see what it looks like and dammmn it looks good. 

Finally did that engine bay clean along with a fresh full service and filter change. I managed to source a bonnet (in the wrong colour) some cloudy headlights, and a set of GT seats, and a black bumper. I swapped the bonnet over for the Glanza one alongside the freshly polished and refurbed lights, and bumper all were a straight fit except the bumper and seats which needed the grill so cable ties will have to do for now, and the seats have a font locating pin which had to be sawed off.

The next bit was to finally get a set of alloys, luckily I found a very good condition set of carbon hydro dipped enkei hollowspokes off of a VR MX5 which after a fresh set of boots were almost a straight fit except I needed deeper wheel nuts, eventually though they were on!

Since it’s a non turbo and I have no top mount IC I bought the clear bonnet scoop cover for those rainy days and it looks mint, but it’d look better with a turbo under the bonnet.

Only a couple days ago put in a fresh alternator (12v 70A) as the lights were having issues and an unbearable whining underneath the hood and also resprayed  the Glanza spoiler black with pearlescent flecks. 

That’s it so far I will add more progress when it arrives.

To do list:

- FN2 civic recaros on custom rails.

- Full turbo conversion.

-civic half rad and new pipes all round.

-Looking for a duck tail and a larger spoiler.




































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On 5/14/2019 at 10:28 PM, Keviano27 said:

Looking good mate :thumbsup:

Thanks mate :lol:

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