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Coilover Dampening Adjuster Stuck

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As above guys, my front drivers side allen key dampening adjuster on my Meister R's seems to be stuck. (Can remove it but it won't turn clockwise to hard)

I previously had all dampers set to soft all around. Then over the weekend my front shock started to knock - sounded like it was coming from the top mount - so I literally just tightened the main 17mm top nut and the noise went away.

Fast forward to today, I decided to make my suspension a bit more firm and I can't turn the allen adjuster to hard. I can remove it no worries, but once its inserted into the shock it just won't move. I removed the coilover, put a 5mm allen key in the top of the shock and loosened off the 17mm nut - I'm no expert but thought it may help as thats the only thing I adjusted prior to this happening.


Any ideas?




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