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Rear Brake Seized help please!

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Hi guys

My car has been sat for a while over winter and the rear offside brake seems to be stuck on


I've taken the caliper off and had a look..  The piston doesn't move at all when the brake pedal is pushed so I think this is the issue.

any tips for freeing it up without rebuilding the whole thing?

also both sliders aren't moving when im pushing them with my fingers, Im not sure these would just to the touch as I've not done my rear brakes before but I have done the front and remember them moving fairly freely if i'm not mistaken?

any advice on this would be great as its the only thing stopping me taking it out for a quick blast every now and again!

its an 96 glanza if thats any help, photos to follow


EDIT - Ok so the piston is moving out when the brake pedal is pushed now, Just really stiff and not going back in.

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Never done the brakes on mine to be honest but that looks to be a wind back calliper, not just push back like the fronts. Ideally a wind back tool is needed to assist.
The sliders as you mentioned need to be free, if the piston is coming out when brake is applied but not returning slightly it will most likely be a seized calliper. One thing to bear in mind though, if the piston won’t wind back but does if you crack off the bleed nipple the the hose could be your fault. 
Disc looks to have gotten quite hot

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Hey there buddy. Thanks for the reply. 

You are correct it is indeed a wind back piston. I was using a homemade tool from a neighbour yesterday but hadn't cracked the bleed nipple. 

Got it all off again today as a proper wind back tool came through the post so cracked the bleed nipple scratched my knuckles few times, gave it some welly and voila it's turned back in. 

I pumped it out with the foot pedal  to push the piston out a bit again and did the same a few times..

This seems to have loosened it. I've put it all back on and taken it out for a quick razz (tested the brakes obv) And for now at least it seems, all back to normal. 

Ta again mate 


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