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Dorian Mayers

EP91 Rear Shocks compatible with EP95?

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Good day, 


As the title suggests I'm trying to see if my ep95 can take ep91 socks, or rather what are my options for replacements. 

Some context:

I recently bought this as my first car off a guy, and have been having a rough time getting it to a decent state. Where I live there are tons of ep91s but less than 10 ep95s. As a result some parts are hard to come by unless I go the route of importing, but that has it's own problems of high import costs, almost doubling the initial price. I need to change all 4 of the shocks. I know the front shock are the same between the 2 an 4wd but the rear shocks arent sold here.

So could I use ep91 shocks? Would I need to modify them to fit? Do you guys have any other suggestions? 

Thanks in advance for any help.

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12 minutes ago, TrisK said:

If i remember right, they are a bit longer.


so with ep91 shocks the back will sit quite high.

Crud. How much higher might we be talking? Can it be cut down or would that be unwise/not worth the trouble?


Also, if I were looking to order in some rear shocks for the ep95. Where would be the best place to look? I am not looking for drag spec or anything fancy. I just use this as point-A to point-B type car.

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