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Mr2 Seat rails query

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Hey guys I own a 93 gt in the caribbean and have been gathering parts and cleaning up the interior to pretty much bring the car to as new looking as possible. In doing so I got me some very nice bride seats with out rails. Unfortunately living in the caribbeam means sourcing starlet specific parts is very difficult and more so hella expensive to ship.

I have found a company in the states making premium rails and wanted to know if the mr2 rails would bolt up to the gt with minor adjustments and finessing.

If I can get 3 bolts in don't mind fabbing the 4th into place.

Someone must have tried it.

Sam you are the holder of all knowledge. Talk to me. Am I wasting my time?


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22 hours ago, Sam44 said:

ill have a look now. sorry about late replay. 

@Sam44 thanks for the response man. I look forward to any feed back you can give me. I will hold off on purchasing it till you respond. Almost said f it and spent the $200 for R & D

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