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Extreem EP

***NWS Guidelines*** Read Before Posting

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Not Work Safe (NWS) Material

Should appear in the NOT WORK SAFE area, and must contain the words "NWS" in Title of the Thread (Not work safe.), and display the NWS Not Work Safe Icon..

Sometimes a state or area specific topic may become NWS by inclusion of pics etc. later in the post, the post MAY stay in it's original area, but MUST be marked with a NWS icon if this is the case.

posting of porn or linking to any sites of a pornographic nature is strictly prohibited

in layman's terms there should be no links to any porn sites or smut

anyone breaking this rule will be subjected to a 7 day ban

The following are allowed:

Tasteful Nudity.

Bad language.

The following are NOT allowed to be displayed under any circumstances (even linked to):

Nudity which includes focus on Genetalia (of female OR male) - ie. spread eagle poses etc..

(R-rated in Australia, X-rated in US standards.)

Porn or any sexual acts. (Kissing is obviously ok. Sexually touching is not.)

Disgusting, Distasteful or Grotesque pics / extreme violence / gore.

Posting of nudity or any potentially not safe for work material in a thread NOT marked with NWS in the title is not allowed.

Any member whether senior or n00b, who breaks these laws will warned and banned for 7 days.

Edit: Also men and women pictured are not objects, nor are to be subjected to any derogatory comments or slander.

These men or women who appear in NWS threads were photographed obviously by choice, so any slander towards the subjects, wether it be intentional or not, will be closed and deleted, and user warn/banned.


Eg: look at these sluts/C**ts?/what ever.

These type of comments will not be accepted under any circumstances, you have been warned.

Keep it clean and keep it safe.

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