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  1. Please make sure to post your Q's in the right uksc sections in future >Exhaust Intake & Cooling. Bzzzzzzttt Thanks
  2. Gary ep91 gets my vote. would sum up January in the uksc calinder well with all this snow.
  3. you have posted in the wrong section, could you please make sure you post in the relivent section! topic moved
  4. thanx for pointing that out Wallace, topic moved
  5. well sorted car Rach, could you fill in the rest of your profile fields and upload a photo of yourself please?
  6. so this is supermans wank den then . . . .
  7. thred cleaned of spam. this is an interest post guys!!
  8. This thread has now been closed as there is no need for further discussion. We apologise to all members involved on behalf of the trader for the time it has taken for the group buy refunds. StarletRick has said that he will get things sorted asap. We are adamant that he will keep to his word. Please pm your details to him clearly. Sorry for the inconvenience caused and we'll do our best to make sure it doesnt happen again. Extreem EP
  9. I heard that you fisted a t-rex with your head?

  10. maybe it would be a good idea to frequently check your own section in future. as a trader its expected.
  11. great pics but yea, theres two drift mechines there lol
  12. ****automated message**** sam is on a training course he will be back soon
  13. ****automated message**** sam is away on a training course, he will be back soon
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