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  1. But that would not cause that low a boost level
  2. A turbo so fucked it can only produce that little boost would dump all your oil in a few seconds. If you rotated the turbo then make sure that the rubber seal around the center housing is still intaked and that it is all seated back properly. Are you running a vac direct from comp nipple to side port to try wastegate spring pressure? Or is it on boost controller? It will be a leak its just a case of finding it, check manifold to turbo also.
  3. Fast metabolism is extremely rare and will not be a reason people struggle to gain weight. If your not gaining weight or building muscle you are not eating enough, you may think you are but your not. I used to be the same, but now I know the truth and there are no hardgainers, only under eaters. People turn to juice too easy due to not knowing how to gain natural, its an easy option. I've gained 3.5 stone in around 3 years all natural. But I've been training for around 8 years, 5 were wasted doing the wrong things and under eating.
  4. Thanks for the feedback boys, glad your happy with them.
  5. that arm length chart is only a guide. the length of the arm is only relevant to give an indication on the amount of pre load on the actuater. Its the actual load that defines the boost. I would start at 3/4 or maybe half of the hole load and work from there. Take it out check boost and adjust til your happy.
  6. It was a tough decision for the ref, groves was in trouble, looking down back turned clearly hurt, unfortunately you can't give a standing 8 count unless groves took a knee. So it was either stop the fight or risk damage to groves. I agree it was a bit of a disappointing finish to a fight that was much more even than expected, I feel if the ref didn't stop it, froch would have finished it off in that round. Lost a lot of respect for froch at the end interview though
  7. The cracks are nothing to really worry about mate, only really a problem if they are that wide that they don't allow the wastegate to fully seal . I know what you mean about the power delivery, the second hybrid I made produced made much more power but didn't give the same kick as the bigger shaft version. From what I know of the k1 i can imagine they give good mid range kick
  8. The big problem micky is that the shaft that is used has a thicker bore where the compressor wheel slides on, which rules out using all the ct9 range of compressor wheels. You could however drill the compressor out to fit but then your running the risk of weakening it and causing balance problems. I could find out if I can source the k1 shafts, obviously they would need to be paired with 11011 turbine housing, again the bearing housing have a slight differences too, they take a heat shield behind the head of the shaft. Would be a little more lag than a conventional hybrid I would guess, mayb
  9. Cool, i rebuilt one about a year ago and I remember thinking that they would be easy to replicate.
  10. The k1 is a bit more than that mickey! I'm pretty sure that it uses the ct12a shaft and turbine housing, which has a bigger a/r. If any one with a k1 can confirm that the code on the turbine housing is 11011.
  11. Glad you like our work buddy. I was appalled at the quality of the previous work, was extremely disappointed by the work carried out and what you paid. Best of luck getting it sorted
  12. the turbo seals being worn and the turbo having excess bearing play will both lead to oil passing into the turbine and burning a bluish white. I would say it does sound a bit like a turbo fault, mine was exactly the same when my turbo had died. Smoke on idle and a puff when coming off the throttle.
  13. I think it takes having a real heavy drinker to appreciate how good starlets are on fuel. When I had my glanza I felt there was times it was worse on fuel than other times. I would do all the basics like checking tyre pressure, alignment and get fueling checked, but I would not be too concerned. 3.5 v6 with a slow commute means I see about 15mpg, but I knew what I was getting my self in for!
  14. I read the title thinking bloody hell that's good!
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