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Club Terms And Conditions For Show Attendance, The Rules!

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1. At all times, you are representing UKSO and it's members.

2. You will not do anything to tarnish, undermine, jeopardise, embarrass or otherwise bring into disrepute the name of UKSO and it's members.

3. Any show pitches reserved and / or paid for by UKSO Administration are subject to UKSO Terms and Conditions for Show Attendance and will be managed accordingly.

4. The Administration of UKSO reserve the right at all times to manage access to club pitches/stands and as such reserve the right to refuse entry to those whom it is deemed are unwelcome through their behaviours and/or actions towards UKSO members and/or are judged to pose a threat to the physical well-being and the enjoyment of members and/or their property. The final decision is the responsibility of the club's stand organiser and/or any Administration personal also in attendance.

5. In the event of someone being declined access and failing to adhere to this decision, Event Security will be contacted by UKSO representatives in order to resolve the matter.

6. Threatening and/or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. Where necessary, Event Security and/or the Police will be immediately contacted by UKSO representatives to remove offending persons.

Thanks for reading, and again, this is not some power trip, this is to protect members at the likes of JAE, JAPFEST etc.

on behalf of the UKSO admin team!!

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