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Street Tuning Evolution : Car Enthusiasts Dream Game

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How many of you have seen this?

Its a sequel to "Street Legal Racing Redline" which was a PC game back in 2003. Its a sandbox car tuning game, with endless possibilities. Now, the developers are making "Street Tuning Evolution". It looks unreal. From what they're promising, it will be something similar to a Forza/GT game, but with unlimited customisation.

I for one, am super excited about it. Its giving the player what Forza etc never delivered, which is actual 110% customisation.

Now obviously, it still has a long way to go before release, and could be filled with empty promises. But its exciting to see someone stepping up and developing a game which I'm sure we've all dreamed of haha.

Heres some more info:


(It is a fundraiser but it seems to be the page with the most info)

Some Pics pulled from the page:



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