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  1. Hi do u still have target AFR map for e manage? id like to have a look. email to machelinniss@hotmail.com thanks

    1. nano


      Hi, what do toi mean? You want To see my map ? Where did u rend i ve this?

  2. nano

    Black Spark plugs and rich afr

    Ok sorted. Injectors harness is not good. I used my 2ee one and injectors are all together and in a 4efte they re seperate
  3. Hi, my car is running really bad atm. It starts well. But idle is rich(Black plugs) and 10afr on brand new aem wideband and cant accelerate smoothly. In one Word its undrivable. My attention is on the map sensor. I get 1.7v on idle with multimètre on pim line when its idling and 2.66v ignition on engine off Shouldnt it be around 0.2v when idling ? Can someone confirm this please. If so, mean map sensor needs to be replaced?
  4. nano

    No battery power

    Thanks. One more question : i ve distributor ox and knock loom all together and its added to the main loom. They are all shield and they end in a Orange connector where ground wires but they are cut. Can i ground the shielding on the châssis ? What happens if the shielding arent grounded? Is it something to worry about or no importance ?thanks
  5. nano

    ep91 4efe to 4efte

    Hi I m adding o2 distributor and knock sensor loom for a gt conversion. All the shieldings go To a connector with brown wires but they are cut. Must i connect thoses Hi I m adding o2 distributor and knock sensor loom for a gt conversion. All the shieldings go To a connector with brown wires but they are cut. Must i connect one brown wire to the main loom? Can i leave it like that? What causes not to earth them? Thanks
  6. nano

    No battery power

    Ok sorted 60amp yellow fuse was dead. I think this is for alternator.
  7. nano

    No battery power

    New problem now : battery light stays on when car is running. Turn off the key, turn on again and no power at all. Efi fuse keeps blowing up :(((
  8. nano

    No battery power

    Thanks mate the 15a efi fuse was broken. I. checked the wrong one first.
  9. nano

    No battery power

    Hi i ve a problem with my car, glanza engine swapped in a ep81. The car was running well. Now , when i turn key on i ve no light on dash and no starter. Only warning lights, horn, High lights. Could you guys help me ? Where should i source the issue? Thanks
  10. Hi everyone, I bought a tial mvs wastegate. There are 2 black springs in it. One large and one small. The large one is supposed to be 0.8bar but what about the small one? Tial website does not mention it. Actually i want to know how much pressure there is in it with the 2 springs combined. Tanks
  11. nano

    Glanza front lip bumper 96-97

    Hi, as above, anyone has this for sale and ready to ship it to reunion postcode 97470. Thanks By the way looking for the rear lip as well. Thanks
  12. nano

    greddy ultimate blue power issue

    i dont know mate. when i look at the diagram blue et ultimate seem , power is the same... thanks for reply
  13. hi everyone, my friend has a 4efe with turbo and greddy emanage blue. he s just upgraded to the ultimate. he uses the same harness (custom) fot the ultimate. the problem is that the ultimate stays on with key off. when he put the blue back on, its ok. what can cause this please? thanks
  14. nano

    glanza front lip bumper 96

    hi, I'm after a front lip bumper first gen. will the 98 lip fit it ? please pm me if you have this for sale, cheers