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  1. Turbonutter

    Glanza V London

    Welcome to ukso Lew
  2. Turbonutter

    zer0 to Hero EP82 Project

    Looking good mate well done
  3. Turbonutter

    Silver gt shell

    Put some pictures up should sell quicker 👍🏽
  4. Turbonutter

    Kpm to mph converter

  5. Turbonutter

    Saying hello

    Hello buddy 👍🏽
  6. Turbonutter

    Couldnt stay away

    Nice one mate 👍🏽👍🏽
  7. Turbonutter


    Really good price
  8. Turbonutter

    Top Mount intercooler hoses

    Hi does anybody have any standard intercooler hoses for top Mount.rob
  9. Turbonutter

    Intercooler top

    Hi does anybody have the top hose for the intercooler from the Throttle body to intercooler Standard top Mount
  10. Turbonutter

    Ep82 Body parts, interior parts

    Hi mate do you still have the Bonnet
  11. Turbonutter


    Bought A inter cooler off GP82 it arrived packed well, and as described. Good seller, would deal with him again.👍
  12. Turbonutter

    Standard top Mount intercooler

    Thanks mate how much and where are you.rob
  13. Turbonutter

    Standard top Mount intercooler

    Hi does anyone have a standard top Mount intercooler