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  1. dcbr

    Decent td04 manifold WANTED!

    Ok I'm gonna pm you. Sorry about the late reply
  2. dcbr

    Decent td04 manifold WANTED!

    I haven't got a full kit but I've got a brand new Zisco M/S Downpipe for TD04 manifold. Never been used still in original bubble wrap if that helps
  3. dcbr

    Glanza idle control valve

    Got one here pm me
  4. dcbr

    TD04 Manifold, Turbo and downpipe.

    Hi I've got a brand new zisco td04 downpipe to suit zisco ramhorn td04 mani. I'll let it go for £90 its brand new not even been test fitted. Still in bubble wrap. Pm me if any interest
  5. dcbr


    I've Pm'd u about something bro
  6. dcbr

    Toyota Starlet Glanza V 98 Spec

    Would you be interested in swaps with a forged ep82
  7. dcbr

    Side exit exhaust wanted

    I've got one on my GT and its very loud. No silencer just a straight pipe from turbo out the front bumper lol
  8. dcbr

    Quad lights, grill & bumper

    Bump. If anyone has got mk1 lights and a grill I'll be happy to take them too?
  9. dcbr

    Quad lights, grill & bumper

    Lool. I'll have a think but I need I would prefer it in the original colour man!
  10. dcbr

    Recaro DC2 Bucket Seats

    Pm me if u still got these mate?
  11. dcbr

    Quad lights, grill & bumper

    Hi as above I'm looking for a front bumper, grill and quad lights. Has to be either in 040 white or in black. I'm located in London. If close enough I'll come to pick it up
  12. I don't mind it as long as it's late because I work till late
  13. dcbr

    Hunting idle??

    I'll give this a try when I can.. What ECU have u got mate?
  14. dcbr

    Hunting idle??

    Already checked for leaks. There was a hole in one of the vacuum pipes from boost solenoid to wg and I changed it. Still the same
  15. dcbr

    Hunting idle??

    Hi guys my cars been nothing but a headache recently. It's fine when until I boost it once then it starts hunting idle goes from 1.5k - 2k constantly then when I attempt to boost it feels like there's no spark top end of revs. Someone help me because it's starting to annoy me?!! Thanks in advance