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  1. MitchD

    Cluster wiring diagram

    Guys this has now disappeared ! anyone get chance to save it pleaseeeeeeeeeeee?
  2. MitchD

    Cluster wiring diagram

    Your a legend cheers dude!!
  3. MitchD

    Cluster wiring diagram

    Hi guys does anyone have a wiring diagram for the Glanza clusters ? Need to try find the below wires for my new dash RPM SIGNAL CABLE FUEL SENDER CABLE LEFT AND RIGHT INDICATORS Cheers mitch
  4. MitchD

    Battery Cable size

    I used 35MM Tri rated for both, abit overkill but atleast you know its adequate. 16MM seems abit thin to me.
  5. MitchD

    Fibreglass panels for ep91

    Wanted EP91 Fibreglass- doors bootlid some form of deeper side skirt? cheers Mitch
  6. MitchD

    Driving roads

    head to the evo triangle!! abit of a mission but definatley the best!!!
  7. MitchD

    ID-Workz Trustpilot Reviews

    All done Idress! never had a problem and as you know ive made several orders!!
  8. speak to Mike at Tuning developments he was cheaper then quaife and cheaper then everyone for the bearings!!!
  9. MitchD

    fuel cell set up

    Morning All, im looking for a fuel cell set up. is anyone running one? if so how? ive potentially thought about using a fuel tank with the original pump top design and extend the wiring, but run AN fititngs and line through the car instead of the old fuel lines? any advise/pictures would be appreciated. thanks mitch
  10. MitchD

    Bonnet catch bar

    Still need one ?
  11. MitchD

    oil filter thread size and pitch

    Hi All, does anyone know what size thread is used on the 4efte oil filter? thanks Mitch
  12. MitchD

    Going to collect this badboy with my brother.

    Good choice! i have a cosmic grey ep3 as my daily! unfortunatley my glanza isnt ready yet so i will be using it on track at japfest this weekend haha
  13. MitchD

    Glanza rear quarter window glass

    also have a spare set of windows here too
  14. MitchD

    Japfest Rock Track

    ive booked 2 sessions but unfortunatley my glanza isnt ready, so will be using my ep3 daily instead!
  15. MitchD

    Fibreglass bonnet and vented wings

    still looking for a bonnet have sourced wings