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  1. Hey mate the rocker cover is still available? What brand are the coilovers and are there for EP82?

    1. redz11


      hi bud, sorry the coilovers and rocker cover are sold now. I still have a standard rocker cover though if you're after one?




  2. Hi I am not from the Uk but will like to purchase Quaife lsd and toyota and whiteline parts for my EP82 GT. Any good distributors or sites that O can visit? Thanks
  3. Do Midlands repair any turbo includinf Ct9 or 12?
  4. Gtsmurf


    Do anyone still make hybrid CT9 turbos? Tongs? Those on ebay are any good?
  5. Hi I sent an email with some parts requests, can you please reply. Thanks
  6. I want to overhaul my gearbox, where can I source all parts such as synchros etc.?
  7. I need an engine harness for a 1991 Gt turbo starlet that is in good condition.
  8. Thanks guys but I am not from the UK and my local dealer do not carry these. A website link will be cool thanks.
  9. Gtsmurf

    EP82 bits wanted

    1. Quad lights grill gt badge. 2. Window motors and assembly rh and lh. 3. Handbrake cables rh and lh
  10. I need both right and left side handbrake cables and the rh and lh window arms for the motors ( the arm that hols the glass not the motor )
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