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  1. Thanks for that, top man Will keep my eye open for the next update
  2. Glad your getting stuck in mate! Keep it coming! What fog light switch did you use looks pretty oe
  3. Nice build nick, I’ve sat and read the whole thing! Glad you stuck with even after the moments of weakness where you wanted to break it.
  4. This was at the docks a couple of weeks ago when I collected her. Had an operation since so not been able to get to it while recovering. The car has gone to paint now though to have a couple of lacquer peel bits sorted. These cars do seem to suffer from it. 60k on the clock and standard apart from the wheels should serve as a good base once it’s back along with the documents which are due any day.
  5. Thanks nick, will become a member as always good to pay your way in the clubs. Are you guys a fairly active club? And an active forum still or does it tend to be a Facebook thing. (Already joined the group on Facebook) I know now all the other forums I’ve been part of over the years have died off and generally become full of a younger generation that don’t even seem to have licenses.
  6. Thought I’d just add I’m an old git at 34 from a predominantly s body background from near Oxford Looking forward to lots of fun in the glanza though.
  7. Hi all, I’m Wayne My facelift glanza arrived just over a week ago now and thought I’d drop in and say hello. Not sure if forums are still a done thing anymore but already a member of the groups on Facebook (owners group plus various selling sites) Big plans are already in place but just waiting on documents to come back while it’s having a little bit of lacquer peel sorted. Since the big photopucket change what’s the deal with adding pictures, shows how long ago I used a forum haha.
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