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  1. Clock Change

    I have received a set of Starlet GLS dials today and I was wondering is this wiring guide from an N/A to an SR the same as wiring GLS clocks into an N/A?   http://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/65688-clock-conversion-starlet-na-to-starlet-sr-cluster/   
  2. Starlet GLS Clock

    I was just wondering if anybody has the part number to the P29 cluster that is found in the GLS/CD Starlet? I have posted in the part numbers section but nobody has responded to the post. Finding it difficult to get the part number for it. These Clocks: ==>>  https://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MzJYMzI=/z/OLgAAOSwOEZZgv2T/$_86.JPG    
  3. Starlet CD Clocks

    I need to find out the part number for the Speedo clocks for a Starlet CD if anyone has it.  This is the clocks with the Rev counter such as this one: https://www.google.ie/search?q=starlet+CD+p29&rlz=1C1GGRV_enIE751IE751&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=iBjg1l2bbPRYoM%253A%252CQ7ndOuHbA1l9AM%252C_&usg=__vKaK5R248J7GDbllyroGL7p1xro%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjduavXwfDXAhWHDcAKHWGVDxYQ9QEIKzAA#imgrc=kyco4AltERSivM:   Cheers.
  4. Wiring Tachometer

    Ive been reading this guide: http://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/8006-how-2-fit-paseo-clocks-into-a-starlet/?hl=%2Bpaseo+%2Bclock. This guy has a brown tacho wire. I don't have one in mine so i am not sure if following this tutorial will produce the same result for myself.
  5. Wiring Tachometer

    I have a 97 Starlet Sportif 1.3i but I do not have a rev counter in my cluster. It just has Fuel, Temperature and the Speedometer faces. I have also recently bought a cluster from a Paseo which has a rev counter on it but I do not have a tacho wire in my car. How do I fit the tacho wire into my car before I install the clocks? My engine is 4EFE.
  6. Ball Joints

    I have just purchased new ball joints for my 97 starlet 1.3i sportif, do these need to be greased before fitting or do they come pre-greased? cheers Daniel
  7. Wheel Bearing Query

    Thank You very much man.
  8. Wheel Bearing Query

    I am in the process of changing the front wheel bearings on my 97 Starlet 1.3i Sportif. My question is, Once I get the hub detached from the rest of the car, what direction does the bearing have to be taken out?, is it pushed out from the front of the hub to the back or vise versa?
  9. Tachometer

    I was just wondering if the 97 Sportif starlet has a tachowire that runs the rev counter or does one have to be fitted? I ask this because I am changing clusters but the current cluster has no rev counter and the one going into the car will have one. If it doesn't have the wire, where would the wire have to come from, the distributor in the engine?
  10. Multiplug query

    Are the multi plugs In behind the dash clock numbered when they are split open? Im In the process of changing to paseo dials.
  11. Wiring diagrams

    My mechanic can do it no problem but he was wondering if the multi plugs are numbered when they are split open? Some of them aren't which can leave it really tricky he says.
  12. Wiring diagrams

    I have received my paseo clocks in the mail and I have taken them to my mechanic to fit them and he says he needs a wiring diagram because he is aware that they'll need rewired to fit. Can anyone direct me towards the information that i need to give him. Ive seen tutorials on here relating to changing clocks over but not sure if it is the right information for him. Thanks Daniel
  13. Starlet CD/SR Clocks Wanted

    It's ok I have managed to get my hands on paseo dials.
  14. Starlet CD/SR Clocks Wanted

    I am looking for anyone who has the speedo clock of a CD or SR starlet for sale. This clock is the P29 clock. I am wishing to put them into a Starlet Sportif 1.3i 1997. Willing to pay through PayPal. Thanks Daniel