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  1. Where are ep82 / ep91 being sold?

    Hi mate, dont know if your intrested in buying but mine is up for sale, 1a0 98spec, pm me for info (y)
  2. Boost guage issue

    its electical, ill uplug it for 10 mins and see how we get on. cheers
  3. ct9 manifold

    Hi, May be needing a replacement manifold and my current one has developed a possible crack (going to have a proper look at the weekend) .. just thought id ask see if anyone has any for sale, thanks
  4. 1A0 Wing

    got it all sorted now, thanks anyway mate!
  5. Boost guage issue

    Hi, I have a Defi boost guage and i have noticed over the last few days its starting to reading way off ( idle car makes 1.5 bar ) and now its constantly stuck at reading 2 bar of boost? any ideas why? i have checked all of the pipes and the T piece and cant see any problem there.. regards Ad
  6. Question about wings

    nice one mate thank you
  7. Question about wings

    could possiblly be a stupid question but... Would a set of starlet gls wings fit a glanza? thanks  
  8. 1A0 Wing

    Hi, Im after a passanger side wing as someone thought it be a good idea to take a hammer to mine.. driver side is fine so only really need passanger! thanks
  9. Where can i get one of these

    im going to take this one off and just match it up
  10. Where can i get one of these

    cheers mate
  11. Has anyone got any idea on how i can get a replacement for this, its like a t join for the inlet,bov and guage?
  12. Expansion tank

    I don't have to fill it up that often. It doesn't need that much anyway so from what your saying it could be right. That helped alot Cheers
  13. Expansion tank

    For some reason my expansion tank is low/empty even when I fill it up, there is no visible leaks coming from anywhere I have checked all the hoses and they are bone dry. The car has never overheated or anything like that...Any ideas?
  15. Anyone know this?

    my silver 98 glanza is for sale if your still intrested in buying on, drop me a message