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  1. J0n4th4n0

    Emanage blue wiring harness

    Bought a emanage blue other without the harness didn't realise these were so hard to come by. Willing to spend upto 100 for pnp
  2. J0n4th4n0

    Ashley's Starlet EP91

    lovely find looks perfect
  3. J0n4th4n0

    The rare N/A Power Hunt

    Feels good to be back 1998Toyota starlet, like new, soo clean! Bought for 950 from a dude who bought it from a pensioner for his daughter who drove it for a year then garaged for 3 years. Full service histories. https://imgur.com/gallery/vk3fK
  4. J0n4th4n0

    4efe corolla tubular intake

    May have one available this weekend off my rolled starlet check the rare n/a power hunt on ep91 progress rshards Joe
  5. J0n4th4n0

    The rare N/A Power Hunt

    Gunna save for coilies and brakes before I buy another this time.
  6. J0n4th4n0

    The rare N/A Power Hunt

    I rolled her in a s bend on the way to work hard to say exactly what happened but it was dark and dipped my head light as there was on coming was doing about 65-70 (way too fast for the road ) slammed the brakes and brakes locked up and fish tailed me in to opposite side bank and rolled, Maybe this wouldn't have happened can't say I can complain escaped rolling my car unscathed and props to other driver narrowly dodge me. Feel pretty lucky I'm alive. Sorry ukso another starlet rests with the stars. So i guess thread is being cut short of its conclusion for a while. I'll be back. Mx5 mk1 just doesn't feel the same https://imgur.com/gallery/H5fVf
  7. J0n4th4n0

    The rare N/A Power Hunt

    In between Plymouth and Exeter , so heres the door clean? https://m.imgur.com/a/mLvN4
  8. J0n4th4n0

    The rare N/A Power Hunt

    Been a While... not been working on the much recently due to lack of time for the laborious interior which i'm trying to fabricate some rear panels for speakers and facing much of the troubles of modding a n/a with parts being so scarce anyways i'v been looking out for obx/hotshots exhaust mani there no where to be found so i thought i know ill just make one! I'm really a novice when it come to this as i have no actually industry experience, is it possible or am i shooting too high, i thought i could just copy the 4-2-1 obx/hotshots manifold. im well aware it could be couple days of work to get the manifold made at my skills but it i get more motivation when i know the work i'm putting could result in some gains. just waiting on the next paycheck for the materials now really. I also may have destroyed my door mainly because i live in Devon and wall are far to close to roads, but as with every dink i'v put on her so far i'v gone and painted something silly over it, expect pics. peace n love Joe
  9. J0n4th4n0

    The rare N/A Power Hunt

  10. J0n4th4n0

    The rare N/A Power Hunt

    Mmmm fair point think I'll just do that then And wheels are on now handling feel loads better http://imgur.com/a/Hsdip
  11. J0n4th4n0

    The rare N/A Power Hunt

    Got these yesterday from north Devon off eBay for 40 quid, Yokohama a539s also got a set of alloy knock offs for 45 quid will be getting those on next week sometime. http://imgur.com/a/LxO8g Brakes a suspension next I guess then I reckon I'm done with the handling for a bit.. I think. Any suggestions for a cheap brake upgrades. Also what colour should I paint the rims, I'm thinking like a a copper brown.
  12. J0n4th4n0

    Rolla Inlet manifold

    ooooo is that for sale? pm meh yeah seems its sold =C
  13. J0n4th4n0

    Rolla Inlet manifold

  14. J0n4th4n0

    The rare N/A Power Hunt

    Thanks for the advice! ill start saving the pennies for the handling as right now its totally bollox starting with some 14"s i'm actually p happy with the power, it sounds nice with the diy intake mod (found some aluminium drain pipe at work at connected it with duct tape and 2.5" intake ducting) sometime overtaking is shamefull at high-speed. which make me think damn i should just turbo it but sadly its not realistic for me right now as the budget doesn't pass much over 100 quid a month for getting mods. sorted the throttle body now seems i aimed for making the seal too tight at was sticking before it close after accelerating lightly wire brushed it and rounded it the edges with some 600grit at hit the body with some cutting wax, it now idling like a dream certainly a little louder but proformance wise i think the 2mm i removed didn't actuate to much peace n love joe heres some pics of the tb being bored and some attempts at the buttlefly: http://imgur.com/a/Vof6Z
  15. J0n4th4n0

    The rare N/A Power Hunt

    I got a starlet ep98 this march and have been loving it admittedly its my first drive but i'v fell in love with it. I've decided to go after the n/a power because its less conspicuousness and less expense to start yes i know it can get very pricey but simply i can't afford the the hole turbo, mani, exhaust and intercooler even with ebay its well over 400 pounds to get the thing rolling. its my daily but i don't need it to commute the other reason i feel like it will be better on the insurance when and if i do declare. so plans as stand are: gasket set ( skimmed maybe) rolla mani rolla 4-2-1 exhaust side exit e manage blue found a ebay on i maybe winning tomorrow =s' wheels banded or find a cheap ish nice jdm style rims think after that im prolly gunna be happy with it (for a bit) So this even i was messing around in the engine bay and took the TB to bore out. LOL DONT do this theres not enough meterial. It was a mare for me to get the thing off, took me a good hour, I know fucking philips head screws all stripped on the tb lowers!!! that connects to the coolant channel which surprised me the tb get coolant?? Anyways I digress i ended up only expanding the aperture to 47mm only 2mm larger than standard leaving a mere 2mm wall thickness in some places. i only did it because it took me a hour to get the thing off and seemed like a waste I still need to sort the new throttle flange thingy doesn't close completely so its reving, annoying! i think the diameter is too large still that or the original is not actually completely round which im yet to check long story Short don't just don't buy a new tb which brings me to a question do throttle bodies have a standard bolt circle What Tb should if i was to get one is there any aftermarket universal thing peace n love joe