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  1. SpoonalTap

    Biggie Smalls, the saga so far

    Mr2 steering wheel and got my hands on a set of oem mats. Drivers side is a wee bit worn but what can you expect after 20 years. Rest of the mats are nice tho.
  2. SpoonalTap

    Blitz vgtt turbo timer harness?

    Perfect mate, thanks so much.
  3. SpoonalTap

    Door hinge pin kits

    I just got replacement hinges off a scrapped starlet to replace the hinges on my drivers door. I can't quite remember but I think the holes in my hinges had widened which caused the door to sag. i suppose you could probably drill the hole out and fit a bush but easier to just buy a 2nd hand set of hinges. Sorry I know this doesn't answer your question but that's how I sorted my droopy door.
  4. SpoonalTap

    Glanza V in Tokyo

    I don't know if it's just me but I can't see any of your pics except the one pic from your last post. If they're broken links, any chance of fixing them?
  5. SpoonalTap

    Blitz vgtt turbo timer harness?

    I kind of want to get the blitz vgtt turbo timer, the one that speaks to you however every one I've seen that's for sale just have the unit without the wiring harness to connect it up to the car. Can you still buy a new harness that's plug and play with the blitz turbo timer and glanza loom? I've got an apexi hooked up the now but I'm not sure if that's hard wired in or uses a harness. I'd rather go with a plug and play method.
  6. SpoonalTap

    Biggie Smalls, the saga so far

    I've not really had a chance to work on the glanza recently. Started college which means I'm away from home during the week and also had to buy a car to get me to and from college so I've been doing little jobs on that to try and make sure it lasts. I did get a bit of time today so I mucked about with mounting the new radiator. I made brackets for it but I changed my mind and bought some ones off ebay. Just a tempory mock up the now as I want to take the slam panel off and sort the rusty bits. And bought some muteki wheelnuts Can anyone give me a rough idea how much I should be paying for a set of mint front foglights for a 96? I'm in need of a set but not sure how much to pay.
  7. SpoonalTap

    Spigot rings for astra discs

    I just took my hub off and gave the disc and hub to a engineering firm and asked them to make me spigot rings. As long as you've got a way of centralizing the disc on the hub when bolting everything together then I would imagine it would be ok without one as once the wheels are bolted on the disc its sandwiched between the wheel and hub and it's not taking any weight like the wheels but for my own peace of mind I wanted to get rings made.
  8. SpoonalTap

    Bosch 044, swirl pot and filter set up

    What kind of stuff are you gonna be selling? Sorry I don't know what the spec of your car is, I'm only asking because I'm hopefully going to be visiting family next weekend in Southend/Canvey and I see you are in Rayleigh so it's a bit of a rare opportunity to possibily pick up stuff.
  9. I like white ones but glad your going for something a bit different, quite like the blue it is now. I'm tempted to get my box cryofreezed myself even though mines only 260 brake. I'll be keeping on eye on your build to see how you get on.
  10. This car is gonna be crazy when it's done, how long do the gearboxs last at that kind of power? Are you planing on going back to white or you going a different colour for the respray?
  11. SpoonalTap

    Biggie Smalls, the saga so far

    Thanks for the kind words guys, I know shells are super cheap to buy but it wasn't that long ago people felt the same way about minis and now people are restoring shells that you have to replace like 90% of the panels because there isn't enough shells to go round. Plus I get super attached to my cars and have already fallen in love with this glanza (even though it's been a complete pain in the ares) and it wouldn't feel the same putting all the stuff in a new shell. Yeah I really quite like the blue of the bumper, the lip is gonna need some work to make it look good but again I'm not too bothered about the cosmetics of the car the now. In fact because most people have never heard of a glanza the worst it looks the better as will annoy people even more when they get pumped by it haha. I did however buy the rear number plate surround off the same guy in the same colour so it kind of ties in until I get the bodywork sorted. Anyway I haven't done much to the glanza, because the weather has been bad I've not been near it much recently. I was staring to get worried I wasn't going to complete it in time and I needed the car for me starting college in October I went and bought another car to get me to college so the pressure is off a bit to get the glanza road worthy. What I have done Astra disc with custom spigot ring fitted to front Made a tray for the battery to sit in Battery fits yay, need to buy threaded bar to hold the top bar in place Nothings too good for my babe, new bolt and washer for the gearbox drainage hole
  12. SpoonalTap

    Bahnstormers EP91 revival....

    Great idea with the fog light, I was trying to figure out a good place for the fog on mine. Was even considering getting a flush one and cutting rear bumper but decided on leaving it in the cluster the now but this is a better idea. Such a shame it got into the way it was but good work getting it looking good again.
  13. SpoonalTap

    Refurbing kyb super special shocks.

    I did start using electrolysis to get rid of the rust but I'm in a bit of a rush so I just used a wire wheel on my grinder to get rid of the loose rust then used a rust converter on them before painting them, should offer a bit of protection the now. Thanks for the suggestions guys, once I've got more time to redo them I'll give it another go.
  14. SpoonalTap

    Interior light, sunroof model?

    LukEp sorted me out
  15. SpoonalTap

    My first Car.......Ep91 Glanza called Scarlet

    The bride seat looks fab, whoever did it did a good job.