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    I have a few interests, my main one being computer games but mainly old Nintendo stuff

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  1. Kieran Barber

    Harmonic balancer for a glanza

    as the title says, my mum is in need of one for her glanza and she's having issues trying to get a hold of one
  2. Kieran Barber

    Sock's 746 Track GT Turbo

    I was the one whizzing around in the SR, was a fun day out for sure
  3. Kieran Barber

    The SR and the EP82

    So the whole AE86 thing fell through and I ended up upgrading what I currently had (hence buying a new starlet) Last year, this was what I was driving around in, an SR that I bought for £190 and now currently owes me about £600 ish Then seen as though renewal time for the insurance was coming up, I decided to go for an EP82 with a few goodies strapped onto it
  4. Kieran Barber

    1997 Toyota Starlet Track Build

    Should make for a little sleeper too, good luck mate
  5. Kieran Barber

    In Need Of A Few Things

    bump, bits of the post changed
  6. Kieran Barber

    How is everyone doing

    Hey Nick, Doing great at the moment and as for my SR, i've got some rubbish-ish wheels and i'm going to get some winter tyres for them, she'll be soldiering through the snow (if it does) just like last winter Cheers, Kie
  7. Kieran Barber

    Kie's AE86 levin

    Got another update on getting the AE86 ready for paint. So I managed to get the front end in primer as seen here. Then we started flatting the roof back, applied filler primer, re-sanded it and then applied etch primer as seen here. still needs a tiny bit more work, but the roof is done for the most part, the next thing on the agenda should be prepping the bootlid and then getting the seats and harnesses put in place.
  8. Kieran Barber

    Black Starlet SR - Sheffield

    You may have spotted me it seems Hi there
  9. Kieran Barber

    Kie's AE86 levin

    Next update, we sanded the front end and the doors down as seen in this picture, same outcome on the other side. Then we used etch primer on the bonnet and arches after wiping the panels down, will probably need another coat because we ran out And as you can see, a bit of filler needs putting on that edge. Just remembered about a spec list I got sent with all the goodies on my ae86, so here it goes... Engine & Exhaust: The 4A-GE Is from an AE92 (higher compression) Cusco Exhaust Manifold Trust Oil Cooler Ultra Leads Ultra Direct Ignition System 2 Rad Fans Solid Engine Mounts Drivetrain: TRD Gear Set TRD 2 Way LSD TRD Single Plate Clutch Suspension Components: Greddy Full Tap Type R Coilovers With Adjustable Top Mounts Extra Lock Kit Front And Rear Strut Braces (front may be a cusco, not entirely sure and the rear has an upper and lower brace) TRD Anti Roll Bars TRD 8 Point Bolt In Roll Cage Adjustable Pillow Tension Rods TRD Full Bush kit Konig Rewind Wheels
  10. Kieran Barber

    Kie's AE86 levin

    I'll try to update this post as soon as anything else happens, but I can post a few odd bits that I've done in the meantime. For kickstarters, these are the braces that were made up for the front lights. Then I took them off, I sanded them, sprayed primer on them, then painted them black and reinstalled them. And I also decided to clean the cam cover up (was bored a wee bit).
  11. Kieran Barber

    Kie's AE86 levin

    So it's been a while since I've actually posted anything here (I didn't forget I set this up i swear). That and it's been a while since anything has been happening to my ae86, so i'll give a rundown and provide pics at a later date. So since that time, we've tweaked the front wings so the doors can open and close without actually catching. The front end which has been tubed wasn't exactly put on straight or made to look good, so we've pulled it back straight and started aligning the front end better, as well as add extra bracing so the light don't bounce all over the show (was a teeside drift missile basically before i bought it). The plan now is to mount the front and rear bumpers properly, clean the welds up on the bash bar, paint the tubing at some point, then the rest of the prep work can be done (flatted the doors and roof back ready for primer and paint)
  12. Kieran Barber

    In Need Of A Few Things

  13. Kieran Barber

    In Need Of A Few Things

    PMs sent
  14. Kieran Barber

    In Need Of A Few Things

    up we go
  15. Kieran Barber

    £500 paid for remix bumper

    That pheasant did a right number to your front end