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    I have a few interests, my main one being computer games but mainly old Nintendo stuff

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  1. to be honest I completely forgot about this, a couple months after my last post, I sold her to my brother who ended up finishing it and flogging it on himself as a little side note, he also built it in the way I wanted to when I had it, 3E6 paint code (pastel type red, used on panda cars too) with Advan A3A wheels as seen below
  2. they're deeper than a laguna lip and i liked the VR6 one because it was something different, i was going to look for a MK2 clio splitter to add a tiny bit of depth to the bumper, but just thought that splitter suited it more
  3. 8 nuts and bolts along to hold it to the bumper, 4 on each side and it only needed a tiny bit chopping out of the middle on each side, then smoothed it with some sandpaper
  4. Didn't want to try and hack at the old one and not be happy with it, and yea it's too wide unless you take a small section of each half off to fit it, as for flexibility, it ain't like a polyurethane piece where you can bend it into a Z and it's not like fibreglass where it has no give, has flex but not too much Either way, had to get a new sump plug as I had snapped the mishimoto one (had a really obvious weak point), furtunately was able to get the remaining part that was still in there and got a new magnetic one that looked a bit beefier for £8, so finished the service and got the splitter on, gotten pretty lucky I reckon
  5. got the new splitter ordered as it was only £20, solid
  6. Welp, not had the best of days, did the VR6 splitter in today, one more thing to think about buying as I actually really liked it :/ So for the time being, I'll be without the splitter
  7. I doubt halfords sell them, never seen them in there but for my SR, I picked up a full set up off ebay for £15 that were supposed to be for a Kia did the job and they were the correct thread pitch (M12 x 1.5 with a 21mm head)
  8. Keep seeing it on the overpass from shireoaks roundabout, to the lock keeper roundabout, looks pretty clean I must say
  9. I've done a few things recently (some as recent as today), has done wonders to the little GT so I got the AD08R's fitted last week, much better than having westlakes on the front lol the next major thing I did was swapping the standard panhard rod out for the Cusco adjustable I had on the SR, as well as the KYB SR special shocks and RS-R progressive lowering springs then a tiny thing to add, I got some team heko wind deflectors as an early birthday present
  10. As requested: Areas for sure do need cleaning up, but all in due time
  11. I'll get some good pics once it's light enough
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