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  1. Hello all, Was just wondering if I could have some opinions on the sound of my engine, sounds a bit tappy to me just want to know what it may be. Cheers Will. 20190424_192720.mp4
  2. Turned out to be the alternator belt, it was very worn. Thanks all for your help!
  3. Could it be due to the alternator belt slipping?
  4. Yea, not sure where to look now... might go over the wiring and earths
  5. I checked with multimeter and it was reading 11.5V I think it's something between the alternator and the battery but I just don't know what
  6. Plugged the multimeter on when the car is running with a strong battery and it's only reading 11.5V. I prepared the alternator the other week.
  7. I changed the battery but the problem hasn't gone... not sure where to look now?
  8. Hiya, yeah I'll have to give that a go... cheers.
  9. Hello all, I have completed an engine swap on my glanza... it had been running fine then clumsy me dropped a socket on the positive battery stud. It sparked and the car spluttered. The car drove after that then it died. It starts with jump leads attached and will run unless they are on. I have changed the alternator and also the alternator fuse but still no joy... if someone could leave me some advice it's be great. Thanks Will.
  10. The thickness of the shims were 2.50mm and there was no clearence so I'll have to go thinner?
  11. So had a good look today, swapped some shims about etc. The other shims I had also provided no clearence, the sound changed with different shims I believe this is where the sound is coming from. Does anyone know of a good place I could find some shims for sale?
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