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    jap cars, starlet v turbo ;p , going out, having a laugh etc etc
  1. pr1ince

    Hello from Germany

    welcome bud get some pics up .
  2. pr1ince

    civic sports ep2

    i just saw this now . Thanks for the comments and i know there abit love or hate . Looking back on the pics yes i did like the silver but cleaning them everyday with not for me . I personally really like the colour. .
  3. pr1ince

    Good luck for Ramadan guys!

    thanks and 20 minutes to go . Hows everyone been finding it so far .
  4. pr1ince

    civic sports ep2

    Well update time Got the wheels refurbished in satin chrome with a polished lip with stretched tyres. comments welcome
  5. pr1ince

    ID-Workz Yellow Demo Glanza

    x2 Good to see your keeping it though. Carn't wait to see it when your in bham
  6. pr1ince

    civic sports ep2

    Decided in the end to keep this . Wanted a golf but got shot in the foot with insurance lool . http://forums.evolutionm.net/lancer-show-s...enkei-rpf1.html opinion ? really like the polished effect . 4th pic by the way
  7. pr1ince

    TOA Meet Monday 4th july

    are you the guy killing most of the honda's at the trax's loool
  8. pr1ince

    TOA Meet Monday 4th july

    lol , ill show myself out . Dont worry il add a little starlet sticker on the back to represent
  9. pr1ince

    TOA Meet Monday 4th july

    I will be there hopefully. In the honda ;) lol
  10. pr1ince

    ID-Workz Yellow Demo Glanza

    Good to see you decided against breaking it . Make sure you bring it to birmingham would love to see it
  11. pr1ince

    Wheels for my car

    In my opinion a smaller rim doesn't suit the car , more dished and larger maybe 16 or 17 max
  12. pr1ince

    Wheels for my car

    roll the archs and get these http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http...196&bih=669 important to get the right dish and stance with this type of car
  13. pr1ince

    women :S

    Your best mate sounds like a knob and a half .They make thinks so complicated , it pisses me off . All the best anyway hope you get it sorted or sleep with heir best friend .
  14. pr1ince

    Unmarked poilce cars

    west midlands ; bmw 5 series saloon and estates in blue and silver vectra in blue and silver , one black one with lexus lights polo's seat's r32 skodia sprinter van going about star city way .
  15. pr1ince

    My EP Birthday cake

    Cakes look awesome , makes me slightly hungry lol . happy b-day amjad by the way