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  1. I need to go lower at front so don't want them SR special that's the problem... After fitting tein springs (for EP91 not EP82!) it was a big disappointment in relation to the look of the car. The rear is low alright but the front is a joke. How the hell they describe them teins as 57mm lowering?!? Other than that they're great springs, lovely soft comfortable handling and car not bouncy (except over bumps!) but the height being 20mm lower than oem?!? That's why I've decided to change the shocks as the last resort and am left now with these useless bilsteins wrrrrrrrr
  2. I wouldn't mind paying for Koni! Bought them for rear but fronts are gone even from dutch warehouse. I was thinking KYB SR special but there is no info that they would do lowering springs, only that they're stiffer. Tockico (hitatchi) are discontinued too I think so is there really anything else even in Japan?
  3. That's a surprise as Koni are discontinued and the B6s are on the market for a while... someone surely fitted them! What other options do I have for sport shocks since konis are gone?!? My front (on teins springs) looks ridiculously high on oem shocks (plus it bounces up on bumps) and I reckon sporty shocks is a must cure.
  4. Hi all - I am trying to fit the Bilstein B6 Sport Shocks (P/N 34-050484) at the front of my EP91 (UK spec). I know about cutting the top of oem struts and bolting at the bottom but the threaded ring on top of the insert which supposed to lock into cut oem tube is TOO BIG (SEE THE PHOTO). Does anyone know how to fit this bloody thing?!? The car is on the lift at the garage and even my mechanic is badly stuck with this... THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
  5. Different opinions coming now... Hmmmm... I was thinking about the bin but eventually paid them just to stop further letters bothering you Di_Bodi
  6. Sounds dodgy at first sight but if tried and used by ye guys I will have a closer look! Good Man, Thanks!!! Di_Bodi
  7. Yahoo auctions you say? Never tried it! Is there any guide here how to set up an account there and what tricks to use? I defo have to look at this! Thanks!! Di_Bodi - EP91 n/a
  8. Paid already....damn taxes! But theoretically speaking: uk company screwing my irl credit rating? Doubt it... They don't even have proof of delivery of that invoice! How would they hurt me I wonder? Di_Bodi - EP91 n/a
  9. Yeah... I'll have to pay for peace of mind and before they start threatening with penalties etc... Was just wondering do ye all get this after getting parts from Japan so Thanks a million to all!! Di_Bodi - EP91 n/a
  10. Cusco rod and trd oil filter are already fitted mate:) The invoice was not even by registered post by the way... Sent from my SM-G903F using Tapatalk
  11. I know what you mean... they will keep chasing it... But what actually can they do I wonder? It's just I wasn't aware of this and will eventually end up paying total of €170 for the Panhard rod which is little bit crazy for a steel bar;-) Sent from my SM-G903F using Tapatalk
  12. The cusco rod was delivered before the invoice came... And it's for FedEx UK and I'm based in Ireland so the thought about to bin it is tempting although they've sent me a reminder already... Sent from my SM-G903F using Tapatalk
  13. Hi everyone, I just want to find out do you all RHD Japan customers experience the same: I have purchased cusco adj. panhard rod from RHD Japan but after seweral days I have received an invoice from FedEx for €31.12 - I thought everything is covered by RHD as I paid €40 for shipment - why I've receveid invoice from FedEx so? And can I just ignore it? The Invoice says It's 'disbursements out of scope of EU Vat' and some 'Clearance Administration Charge' - SEE THE PHOTOS BELOW... That's crazy - I thought the shipping costs paid to seller (RHD) cover everything, don't they? I'm completely confused... Do you all guys get this and if so - do you pay FedEx or just tell them to f**k off? (Delivery was to Rep. of Ireland) Cheers
  14. Di_Bodi

    Adjustable panhard rod question

    I wonder why it's the o/s (driver side ) wheel rubbing in my case?!?! (Most of ye said it's the n/s...) I'm lowered 30mm with oem Panhard (cusco is waiting to be fitted but will it help?)