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  1. Di_Bodi

    Best tyres?

    I haven't realised Toyo not being available in 185-55-14 - my bad! Rainsports in this size not in stock on Camskill either... I've used demon tweeks recently as better rates than camskill!! Falken ZE914 High Performance Road Tyre are even cheaper than CF2 and I can confirm they're very decent tyres - excellent grip and long-lasting (have them on my Accord) Here's their selection: https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/performance/tyres-accessories/tyres/shop-by/diameter/14_inch/tyre_profile/55/width/185/sortby/price_uk/
  2. Di_Bodi

    Vintage Toyota Steering Wheel

    Yyyy..English please?;)) You mean custom adaptor? To go from what size/pattern to what? If it was for old Toyota I'd presume there are ready to fit adaptors on the market, no? Sounds like a really challenging exercise;(
  3. Lads and Lassies Look what a gem I've found on ads last Fri! I bought it straight away (€45=£39) lol. It's a real leather and old school. Even if it lands on my garage wall I'll be happy (after cleaning and painting its spokes of course - silver/chrome/clear???). Look at the condition of the stitching - it's actually perfect! 4 This Lad told me that his uncle had it in his KP60... might be true? Looks like a very high genuine Toyota quality and even the plastics and mid button are 100%. The ad was saying that the horn was working OK when last time fitted. I do expect some parts might be missing... I know nothing about that kind of vintage/old school steering wheels so please have a look and tell me what you think? It would be lovely if I can get that fitted in my N/A EP91 so where do I start? I know that the style is from a completely different era and not matching the 90's EP91 design but still I reckon it would be a nice tribute to its vintage predecessors and looked interesting when fitted? HOW TO GET THAT FITTED?!? I presume I need some sort of 'boss kit' but know nothing about that yet... How to delete air bag too? Please advice / direct me as much as possible. Thanks in advance. It feels sporty and sturdy (weights 1kg), thickness is also just perfect. Thanks for looking! Cheers
  4. Di_Bodi

    Best tyres?

    The Toyo Proxes T1-R not only look cool but they almost suck onto wet tarmac! Excellent tyre lasting for years. And it's made in Japan. I like Falkens (robust) on other (family) car but it always has to be a Toyo for my Starlet!
  5. Di_Bodi

    Black SR

    They both were always called 'covers' by them TRD people;) That one (PN 77315-SP010) which is still for sale is a cap 'with tether' and different shape to what Pikey has. According to TRD part numbers chart it doesn't fit Starlets otherwise I'd have it long time ago:)
  6. Di_Bodi

    Black SR

    The colour of that SR is same as yours (toyota 205 black) - he's based in NI (PM me if you need contact details etc). My Irish N/A EP91 won't be an SR replica and definitely not a glanza rep neither. So no glanza bumpers nor interior (I love the light blueish grey trim and I won't remove the door strips)! I'd call it ''European style modded with loads of TTE/TRD/JDM goodies;)''. I have to build a thread on ukso one day as the list of my mods is quote long! For now you can see the list in my profile: http://www.ukstarletowners.com/profile/6539-di_bodi/?tab=field_core_pfield_13 Cheers!
  7. Di_Bodi

    Black SR

    That's a great and rare mod mate! Makes me so jealous! I've never came across this part... I have the TTE spoiler and the speaker shelf and actually found a genuine 103K mls SR being sold for parts recently so got few bits: second spoiler, second shelf (I'll be selling these soon) and finally unabused TTE back box (! Yessss;) but never the TTE lip or even a replica!! I'm afraid they're all gone discontinued... Again: that's really sweet! Forgive me going off topic but what other lips (except that one from a Laguna as that's too common) would you recommend or find suitable for my N/A front bumper?
  8. Di_Bodi

    Black SR

    May I also ask what car is that front lip from? Looks sweet, quite big/low though - any problems with kerbs when parking?
  9. Di_Bodi

    Black SR

    Where the hell did you get that TRD fuel cap may I ask? Part Number MS360-00002 is discontinued since good few years... So much want !
  10. Di_Bodi

    TTE Spoiler

    How much are these TTE wings these days I wonder?
  11. I need to go lower at front so don't want them SR special that's the problem... After fitting tein springs (for EP91 not EP82!) it was a big disappointment in relation to the look of the car. The rear is low alright but the front is a joke. How the hell they describe them teins as 57mm lowering?!? Other than that they're great springs, lovely soft comfortable handling and car not bouncy (except over bumps!) but the height being 20mm lower than oem?!? That's why I've decided to change the shocks as the last resort and am left now with these useless bilsteins wrrrrrrrr
  12. I wouldn't mind paying for Koni! Bought them for rear but fronts are gone even from dutch warehouse. I was thinking KYB SR special but there is no info that they would do lowering springs, only that they're stiffer. Tockico (hitatchi) are discontinued too I think so is there really anything else even in Japan?
  13. That's a surprise as Koni are discontinued and the B6s are on the market for a while... someone surely fitted them! What other options do I have for sport shocks since konis are gone?!? My front (on teins springs) looks ridiculously high on oem shocks (plus it bounces up on bumps) and I reckon sporty shocks is a must cure.
  14. Hi all - I am trying to fit the Bilstein B6 Sport Shocks (P/N 34-050484) at the front of my EP91 (UK spec). I know about cutting the top of oem struts and bolting at the bottom but the threaded ring on top of the insert which supposed to lock into cut oem tube is TOO BIG (SEE THE PHOTO). Does anyone know how to fit this bloody thing?!? The car is on the lift at the garage and even my mechanic is badly stuck with this... THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!