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  1. Chand

    Steering Boss

    ok mate appreciate that thanks could you measure to see how long the boss is and then measure the lot to where the steering wheel bolts to the snap off boss part also some picture would be awesome, do you run a deep dish wheel? thanks mate chand
  2. Chand

    Steering Boss

    Hi all been a very long time since been on here but not had much luck searching about on internet or through facebook so thought id drop a message on here basically what im after is a slim steering wheel boss and would be even better if it was a snap off wheel one but what are people running etc ? ive checked on driftworks and nrg don't seem to list a slim one for starlets unless im looking in the wrong place any help would be appreciated guys and gals thanks Chand
  3. ooo I might look at booking on this too, glanza v stock
  4. Chand

    Glanza bonnet

    After a black Glanza V stock bonnet with scoop if not black what you got thanks chand
  5. Chand

    Rota grids

    any pics and price bud?
  6. hi Carla you still in Grimsby then? asif it got sold what stood for a very long time though must of drove past it hundreds of times sad times but nice to see you back
  7. Chand

    Rota grids

    Hi all I'm after a set of rota grid 15" 4x100 someone must have some kicking around if not what else you got? thanks Chand
  8. I no you've sold both track rod ends and ball joints but where did you get them from and sell them at that price cause you must of made a big loss on them?
  9. nightmare at response lol anyone else got owt?
  10. tell me about it I feel old lol but you will still always have that few year edge on me yeah was real good to have a catch up mate its been far too long roll on next year hopefully I get to attend a lot more and we can bring starlets back like how we used to have them
  11. Urm possibly mate I was stood talking to Shaun char and Sam on front of stand I only went down for the day so was atstand for like an hour or two but if didn't hopefully meet at some point at maybe a meet or another show You got any pics of your car bud?
  12. Welcome to ukso Yeah have a look around the forum Chand
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