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  1. !!WANTED!! 5K Engine

    hey guys i'm looking for a complete 5K toyota engine. need it for KP60 swap. regards Marcel
  2. Manifold TD04/05, GT28,

    have one thx
  3. Manifold TD04/05, GT28,

    Hey Guys Search for a Manifold. Post all here with Price, picture. Best if its Cheap too it is OK if i have to modify it a bit.
  4. Gearbox swap?

    Guys.. had a interesting talk with an Motorsport guy from Germany... he told me a way to use C64 (Corolla T-sport gearbox) nearly PnP on starlet. he said "you only have to combine the right parts =P
  5. Gearbox swap?

    NO sry, no chance to do that i think i try C64 swap in my starlet. Think this will hold better than C52.. 300whp is much..
  6. Gearbox swap?

    yea thats shit.... cant someone make a custom bell housing? or where i can get a e58??
  7. Gearbox swap?

    E58 can hold tons of Newtonmeter Torgue =D bit heavier.. but i think u cant break it with a starlet does somebody now how Strong the C64 gears are compared to C52?
  8. Gearbox swap?

    Will a C64 Gearbox fit? Does it hold enough power? E58 would be perfect!!!
  9. stainless 4efte exhaust manifold flange

  10. stainless 4efte exhaust manifold flange

    Hey guys, does anyone of you have a stainless 4efte exhaust manifold flange? want to weld a Turbo Manifold on my own cause my mods are really Special. p.s. intake aluminium flange is would be also nice Regards
  11. Zisco gt28/30 v band manifold

    Able to measure it? try pls. via PM if you want price sounds interesting
  12. Zisco gt28/30 v band manifold

    Still have it? Black Friday still "aviable"? Diameter of the piping?? (interesting for spool)
  13. Starlet GT gearbox (C52)

    Guys please help me... need fast one... Starlet Gt Gearbox..or Glanza one... No crunches or whines
  14. Starlet GT gearbox (C52)

  15. Starlet GT gearbox (C52)