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  1. Ideally I'm after a full box rebuild price please
  2. Think I'm gonna get there for 7.30 too
  3. loz180691

    Safety Devices Cages GROUP BUY

    I've sent you a email bud
  4. loz180691

    Ep91 seat rails

    Will these work with side mounted seats?
  5. loz180691

    Breaking EP91 Glanza

    That rear splitter still for sale?
  6. loz180691

    Bumper bolt plastic

    I'm after passenger side plastic that covers the bolt on the bumper anyone?
  7. loz180691

    Battery question

    Ok I will leave it it thanks for your help guys!!
  8. loz180691

    Battery question

    But doesn't the metal around the bolt for gearbox mount support it?
  9. loz180691

    Battery question

    I have just relocated my battery to the boot and was wondering with the metal base in the engine bay can that be cut out to tidy up bay?
  10. loz180691

    Speedo converter

    £5 posted
  11. loz180691

    Speedo converter help!!!!@@@@!!!

    Just picked this up is it rite?