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Build Thread

Found 5 results

  1. Hi There, Up for sale are a few items I have removed from my car. Prices include postage to UK mainland. Thanks. Item For Sale: Blitz Blow Off Valve Item Condition & Description: The item looks to be in good working order, however I have always had it screwed all the way in. Price: 50 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: PayPal Item For Sale: D1 Spec Oil Catch Can Item Condition & Description: Used less than 500 miles I bought this new a few months after purchasing my car. It's been on the car for two years but I haven't driven it in 12 months and only did 500 miles 12 months prior. So it's old, but never really been used. Price: 15 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: PayPal Item For Sale: Mk2/3 ECU? Item Condition & Description: I believe this is a Mk2/3 ECU, it was in the boot of my car when I bought it. Never tested it no idea if it works. Looks to be in fine condition. No damage to the housing. Price: SOLD Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: PayPal Any questions please ask. Kind Regards, Calum
  2. 1 - HKS SSQV (believed to be rep) Comes with adapter and C-clamp £25 2 - Civic Alloy Radiator Had a repair but one of the welds had reopened, just needs this sorting then it is a perfectly working radiator again, selling due to having no time to fix it £30 3 - TMIC (Top mount intercooler) Comes with cover £30 4 - Recirculation valve Standard £35 6 - Crankshaft, Shells were a little worn but crank in ok condition £50 7 - EP82 4efte Sump + pickup Sump + pickup straner £18 8 - 4EFTE Block Standard block + waterpump and housing(unsure on condition of pump not tested) £30 9 - 4EFTE Cams Standard Cams £25 10 - EP82 starter motor Starter motor £15 11 - EP82 Alternator Alternator £35 12 - 4EFTE Injectors X4 £30 13 - 4EFTE fuel rail Standard fuel rail painted blue £15 14 - 4EFTE Pistons x4 Set of 4 pistons. £70 15 - 4EFTE Knock sensor £15 16 - C52 Gearbox 5 speed gearbox, Pops out of 5th possible syncro issue. £40 16 - EP82 Front Fog lights (Mk2) - £25 Located LL29 9BA - North Wales *all prices are excluding postage. Pictures:
  3. Item For Sale: !!!!!PRICE DROP !!!!! HKS SSQV blow off valve (mk1) Item Condition & Description: This item is in fully working order and in good condition. It is the first generation of the SSQV therefore may look a little different to the latter type. Easily adjustable with the nut on the back and it holds boost perfectly and dumps very quickly. Price: £45 ono (plus PayPal fees) !!!!! PRICE DROP !!!!!! Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: shipping included in price of item. PayPal payment accepted
  4. lee0100

    hks ssqv

    after a hks ssqv must be genuine, fully working order also have a purple insert thanks
  5. Glanza sold, last few parts for sale... I am a reputeable seller and have plenty of feedback in the feedback section. Item For Sale: Blitz Super Sound Blow off valve Item Condition & Description: A polish and this will look as new, can be welded onto intercooler pipework, or hosed on. These were around £250 when TMD were selling them! Price:£OFFERS? Pictures: http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/4CAE11FB-65DB-4D46-BC2A-F4EB85F32913-4298-000002EAEB01A855.jpg.html] Payment & Shipping Details: +4% paypal Postals £4. Item For Sale: JPerformance catch can. Item Condition & Description: Catches oily residue and tidys the bay. Price: £OFFERS? Pictures: http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/BCB2B9E7-89D8-484C-B875-8C2AAEF64FBC-4298-000002ED826B6F5D.jpg.html] http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/ACB00C52-0AB8-451F-9F71-597895FFA021-4298-000002ED8C622283.jpg.html] Payment & Shipping Details: +4% Paypal and Postal £4. Item For Sale: Rspec Turbo Timer Item Condition & Description: JDM turbo timer, all works. It has no harness but it can easily be wired in without it, I can mark the wires for you before I remove it. It can also calculate run down times via rpm wire. Has a stopwatch and handbrake cut out. Price: £OFFERS? Pictures: http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/285B8E4D-C876-4C26-808D-BD1238F4871D-4298-000002F041C442BD.jpg.html] Payment & Shipping Details: +4% Paypal and Postal £3. Item For Sale: Smoked Boost gauge Item Condition & Description: Shows boost and vacuum looks pretty. Uses a small plastic tube but it has broken could be replaced or vac hosing used possibly hosing can be brought easily. Price: £15? Pictures: http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/02736880-734F-4697-9A4A-316918096E16-4298-000002F519D63D1B.jpg.html] Payment & Shipping Details: +4% Paypal and Postal £4 Item For Sale: CT9 Oil return Item Condition & Description: Feels good, worked fine, comes with both clamps. Price: £10 Pictures: http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/BEC5A6F2-7F06-4308-A59F-D2EC02C286D4-4298-000002FBF984B0AE.jpg.html] Payment & Shipping Details: +4% Paypal and Postal £2 Item For Sale: Distributor assembly and Denso Rotor. Item Condition & Description: Very good condition. Price: £25 Pictures: http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/42B2E5CD-A26E-4A92-86D8-699462DFFE1D-4298-000002FC04CCD634.jpg.html] http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/2174382D-6E15-4A21-9772-64192588F1CD-4298-000002FC0FFC8A2D.jpg.html] http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/F78FE6F6-54EC-441E-95CA-C194F068F55D-4298-000002FC1AEF1AB3.jpg.html] Payment & Shipping Details: +4% Paypal and Postal £8. Item For Sale: Cam gear. Item Condition & Description: Spins around! Vgc. Price: £10? Pictures: http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/B957404C-2094-4A70-A3BB-32F34B1EAEF6-4298-000002FC25412525.jpg.html] Payment & Shipping Details: +4% Paypal and Postal £3. Item For Sale: Thermostat housing and sensors. Item Condition & Description: Does what it says on the tin, has no thermo but could include one if requested I'll have to look for it. Comes with both sensors Price: Offers? Pictures: http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/790EE71B-7E4D-49EC-90AD-830762427757-4298-000002FC51761450.jpg.html] Payment & Shipping Details: +4% Paypal and Postal £8 Item For Sale: 4efte Camshafts Item Condition & Description: good condition. Price: £50? Pictures: http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/47EF8842-415C-47EB-A88E-A902E91C6838-4298-000002FC79AFD552.jpg.html] http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/46EF66B8-4BCA-407E-9D8F-B925AE8E7492-4298-000002FC8328ABA3.jpg.html] Payment & Shipping Details: +4% Paypal and Postal £15?. Item For Sale: TD04 Item Condition & Description: Leaking seals, part of the flange missing but still can be bolted up. One of the holes for the downpipe looks to be elongated. Welded for external wastegate use. Price:£20? Pictures: http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/6A47F89F-A5FD-4D58-A2A4-B0976478BF3B-4298-000002FC8DA4C01F.jpg.html] http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/E1235AA3-31C6-4885-993D-077CAD42C7A8-4298-000002FC95FB1B58.jpg.html] http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/3C6C67A1-A34D-46BC-A5D9-F08148FA8268-4298-000002FCA01967D0.jpg.html] http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/F4A3C1B3-209A-4CDB-8AD3-968474B9D438-4298-000002FCAA2D7ED8.jpg.html] Payment & Shipping Details: +4% Paypal and Postal £8. Item For Sale: 4efte Cylinder head Item Condition & Description: will include all clamps and bolts, the cams are listed for sale above separately. Appears to be in good condition. Price: £80? Pictures: http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/FF5BDA59-E34D-4411-B2EB-8BED22B052EA-4298-000002FCB537DB8A.jpg.html] http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/7F125C5C-8E0E-4CDA-BA77-2E8993872ACA-4298-000002FCC282BDCB.jpg.html] Payment & Shipping Details: +4% Paypal and Postal £20? Very weighty. Item For Sale: Water pump and hosing. Item Condition & Description: Used but works. Price: £10? Pictures: http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/28287895-4AC3-4F26-95A8-B7786765300B-4298-000002FCE53AEC10.jpg.html] Payment & Shipping Details: +4% Paypal and Postal £8. Item For Sale: Standard diff. Item Condition & Description: Seems fine was removed for a cusco 1.5way. Price: Offers? Pictures: http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/A45EBC28-3CD8-4ECE-88C9-CB864FE58894-4298-000002FCF259CB12.jpg.html] http://s1123.photobucket.com/user/tobz911/media/5C2FEF2B-2F69-45C6-B846-597B8A0DA048-4298-000002FCFB1096D2.jpg.html] Payment & Shipping Details: +4% Paypal and Postal £8.
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