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  1. Did you buy them enkei's from a guy called brandon? -Off topic I know... but he was selling a set the same, picture looks identical they were not genuine
  2. Roll pin prpbably all you need should be able to source one from a local shop
  3. Injectors Icv All well known to tick Rebuilt engine, if forged can be loud until up to temp. (Piston slap)
  4. It's fine as mentioned for most set ups, but having an adjustable reg gives more scope for adjustment when in the mapping phase. It's not a necessity though.
  5. You can be ep*5 specific coilovers which would ensure rear came down
  6. https://m.facebook.com/liam.doy?tsid=0.1091932833660394&source=typeahead
  7. He's on facebook I think or alternatively ring midland turbos
  8. TurboTobz

    Not boosting

    Check the turbo is spinning freely, more than likely to be just a boost leak have you got a front mount?
  9. ouch, liam doyle I think his name is at midlands turbos, he was liam_d on here but he sold up so may not be active
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