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Tegiwa harness bar fitting.

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So after not really finding much info about the modifications on these I ordered one up and gave it a go. Thankfully I own a lathe so I could machine the the parts up as I went along. I have included a rough sketch of the specs I used to make the parts. 


I am in no way a qualified fabricator/mechanic/machinist so this thread serves to document what I did. You will need to use your own judgement on bolt lengths etc. As with all modifications they are performed at your own risk.

With that guff out of the way on to what I did. 


There is a real mix of bolts with this! The extremely long and wide Allen head bolts use a 3/8 Allen key and I believe the thread to be imperial but alas I forgot to check and I also codnt be arsed to dig out the imperial tap and dies kicking around. I used these to fit the main bar to the original b pillar seatbelt mounts. 


On to the struts. 

These are a weird mix. One strut (on mine, but double check on your own) used a standard m12x1.75 thread and a reverse m10x1.5 thread, other (which I found out after I made two spacers for the struts) use a standard m10x1.5 and a reverse m12x1.75. Not sure why but something to keep in mind for later on. From what I can tell from the few photos kicking around these struts seem best bolted onto where the harness and original seatbelt bolts into the body of the car and this is what the spec sheet takes into account. 


I am keeping my b pillar plastic trims so the spacers I machined took into account of this, however if you’re fully stripped the bar size isn’t particularly relevant. The spacer needs to be 15mm long on each side. My harness bar had quite a lot of movement in a circle due to the bolt size being smaller than the hole in the mount so I added on around 5mm (check the plates on your own) in length to accommodate the thickness of the bar. The hole diameter is around 15.50-15.55 so that diameter is the important one. If you’re keeping the b pillar plastic trim I machined the entire bar down to 22mm to fit with a little give incase it’s not completely round. The hole through the middle is around 11.8-11.9mm. 


On to the struts. These were about 80mm short for mounting to the original seatbelt mounts. So I machined two spacers from 316 stainless. Around 80mm in length with a 25mm long Male thread so 105mm in total. The other end has a 25mm long female thread. My harness bar for some odd reason had an m10 standard thread on one side and an m12 standard thread on the other, something I realised once I’d machined two identical spacers. So you will require one spacer with an m10x1.5 male and female end and one spacer with an m12 male and female end. 

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The machining took me the longest to be honest, I had to measure the b pillar spacers and the struts and then remake one of the strut spacers because they use different size threads. Making them both the same is just too logical it would seem. Once I had all the parts it’s pretty quick. I’d recommend two people though as it’s awkward to bolt together on your own. 

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