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3rd time lucky!?

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Long time no see...


so, I’m thinking of starting my 3rd build in the new year.

obviously I’ve been awol for a considerable amount of time but have recently been getting kicks of nostalgia.. along with starting a new job in the coming weeks and hopefully having some more expendable monies, this is tracking me back to the starlet scene..


Progress will be steady i’d Imagine but that I don’t mind.

ill continue to have a poke around the forum but just wondering what’s new!?

What’s the new new, the happy haps..

anything I should be on the look out for!? 


#1 FrankieC0F08289-CC95-4BF8-B90C-A28FE5B07E74.jpeg

#2 Starla0F90DE48-467B-4B7B-8D79-184B98665044.jpeg

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