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are you curious if the world will end in 2012 ?

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Yeah, when I've got good easy work in that is, once I've pressed start I get to sit down for 40 mins while my machine drills lol, it's at work I've watched so many 911 videos.


i watched that Unacknowledged yesterday, while it was a good watch, him just holding bits of old looking writing on paper isn't proof, not saying I don't believe it but there's nothing concrete

But he makes a good point on how all the higher ups don't even know what's going on. And how much American taxes are being spent on stuff no one knows about

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Posted (edited)

What's poppin' guys.

No longer a starlet owner but took part in this thread before. And a nice little discussion amongst us.

Thought i'd share a well referenced documentary I came across, lots of names, events, dates, references to support claims. Check it out.


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