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  1. i got caught doing 51 in a 30, got 6 points straight up and a £485 fine. with the speeds you were doing, id invest in some comfortable trainers or a bus pass!
  2. id-workz is your man for a new pump
  3. i dont remember having to use anything on my old one
  4. Yeah it has got those too mate ☺️ But I've got tein 40mm springs too go with the car of the new owner wants them.
  5. Yeah it's a 99 fella. It's in good nick. The pictures do it a little bit of justice, but over all it's a class little motor. Also got some tein 40mm springs for it if the buyer wants them.
  6. Year:1999 Model: Toyota Yaris SR 1.3 Tax: £13 monthly MOT: 1/2/2018 Mileage: 120,000 Description: For sale is my lovely little red Yaris SR. It has the full SR spec TTE lip kit and spoiler and also has the TTE backbox. 4 brand new tyres and tracking done in the last month. General service done 200 miles or so ago Great little motorway runner and even better side road drive. Price: £800 ono Pictures: Contact Details: 07850455424
  7. if you have a recent head unit. they should be labelled as rear speakers on the wires. running them under the centre console and under the carpet and seats takes 2 minutes
  8. usually suzuki ignis, but you can get them from any car mate. you just have to have them fabricated to fit
  9. first one was rushed. second ones a little better
  10. Still got mine mate. Can be brought to Warwick but not until monday. From what i remember it has everything but the cams.
  11. CT9b as standard i believe bud. welcome to the forum. post up some pictures of the car and any parts you're unsure of for helps
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