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  1. Ah couldn't see what they were, but thanks mate!
  2. Bump. I believe Cruise have discontinued them, as Nengun ordered one for me and then told me Cruise are unable to supply it.
  3. Any have a Cruise Gearknob for sale? Or a link to where I can get one new? Can only find the M10 thread ones
  4. steve1093

    Half Size Rad

    As above, after a decent condition half size rad
  5. Ideally after a set of OEM Glanza wheels, but let me know what you have
  6. steve1093

    SR/CD Cluster

    As above, after a SR or CD cluster to swap into an NA
  7. As above, after a spare 4efe rocker cover
  8. Drop me a message mate when you decide on a price! Having withdrawal symptoms down here!
  9. As above, after either a Starlet CD cluster or a Glanza cluster Cheers Steve
  10. As above, anyone have a cheap 4efe rocker cover for sale? Doesn't need to be clean, just not battered! Cheers Steve
  11. This was a year ago... I no longer have it
  12. New lense being delivered tomorrow! Should hopefully make for some better shots. Couldn't miss out the teg... haha!
  13. Thanks Amjad! No idea! But it looked bloody quick out on track!
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