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  1. Been busy at work so haven't had a chance to do anything with this. Will listen to sensible offers
  2. That's ignition on but not on hence why the wideband isn't reading anything. If you look at the pic further there's a pic of it just started with revs on Thanks
  3. Washed it Sunday, now under a cover in storage waiting... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Sensible offers Yes. It's got a nice idle just over 1k
  5. Well it's time for the Glanza to go, new Toy has been purchased and the garage will only fit 1 car. My build thread will show everything that has been done from the standard car it was when I bought it in 2014. No money has ever been spared on this car it is in superb condition and one of the best ones out there. It's a real head turner. The start: I bought this off a friend of mine who was the first UK owner, he hadn't done much to it, just BC coilovers and HKS dump valve. It drove it 3 miles a day to work and back. I have the original service book and owners hand book from Japan, I have a
  6. So the car is going up sale very very soon An impulse purchase happened today and I can't fit them both in the garage. Inbox for details if your interested whilst I get an advert sorted. James
  7. Think I'll give that a miss then, no more pics on this build lol ! I found photobucket a ball ache Cheers anyway
  8. I keep getting my images blocked for not having P500 Photobucket which is $399 !! What's this 3rd party imagine sharing all about ? How is everyone uploading pics now ?
  9. Took the car to Lydden Hill for an all day track day Wednesday. First time it's ever been on track and it didn't miss a beat so happy with it. x6 20min hard sessions apart from the super wet first one ! It's amazing what these cars can do up against cars on paper that you think are quick. Killed the pads but suppose that was expected
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