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  1. let s know how the dyno goes as im keen to see if the corolla mani makes a difference.  If you can get hold of the support bracket then I would as the mani will crack eventually. If you cant find one then I have one that I made until I managed to get hold of a proper one

  2. Good results there skiny

    Lovely car Andy v nice colour. When I put the corolla inlet on it made a noticeable difference which I wasn’t expecting. Basically with what skiny said- you could put management on but it’s a lot of money and would probably only see you nudge towards the 100 barrier. They’re pretty limited unfortunately. 

    Did you have the exhaust manifold done? 

  3. Yep I’m not looking forward to giving her back ha ha but it is frustrating not being able to move forward with the car so fingers crossed I might be able to have the other one off you! Then it’d be time to save for a 2zz-ge swap

  4. Spent a few hours cleaning today and then ten mins later it pissed with rain. I planned on taking my waterless wash and wax stuff anyway tomorrow so not the end of the world






  5. The weather looks crap all day tomorrow doesn’t it so not a clue when I’ll get the chance to clean it! Drove it from camp to home today for around 120miles in the rain so it’s now minging. Did manage to fix the passenger window though

  6. Thanks to you and your mate by the way Morgey, just got the new bonnet sticker on. The car also flew through its MOT today so it’s now fully back on the road and ready for a good clean before japfest 



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