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  1. Burns9213

    Law Advice

    Look good then lad 👍
  2. A thought it was along them lines cheers lad
  3. What's needed too do this ?
  4. Burns9213

    Law Advice

    I've tinted headlights indicators and fogs and havnt had any problems so far they are quite dark during the day but when my lights are on it dosent affect the brightness much
  5. If you want the lines polished then just paint it all the desired colour ten use a block and flatting paper and flat the paint off of the lines and scotch and laquor
  6. Just take your petrol flap off an send it too your local car paint supplier and they will match it ;-)
  7. Not sure am getting some of the WEPR K24 SR Series manifold So a think it will be just a standard one
  8. As above how much am I looking for a used one that needs refurb ???
  9. Has anyone got part number for the key fob with the unlock buttons on as my glanza had central locking cheers
  10. ohh my god!! them wheels are sweet as that colour suits it well nice work lad
  11. The company I sent you item number should sell them or ebay starlet xenon kits don't think there's much diffrence between the h4 kits
  12. 331089229965. Ebay I use this company for everthing quality products very useful guys as good for hoses aswel
  13. Headlights are h4s and fogs are h3s I think not 100%
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