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  1. Partnumber 13407-11030 Hello i need in a good condition crankshaft pulley for 4efte from EP82 because mine is broken while i take it off the engine... I will made new bearings, head gasket set and new piston rings. The Engine will live next time in a 96 Corolla E10... I cant post anything in to the partsearch forum so i put my searching here - sorry for that! And thanks if somebody can help with this part (need some with aircondition and steering pump)
  2. Hello... I am searching for a inlet manifold from 4efte ep82 with the whole vakuum piping of the engine and maybe the mapsensor too. Thanks for PNs and prices
  3. Do you need the manifold or the complete side with Airfilter? If you search Manifold which do you need?
  4. nitrosmith0815


    Whats about 2 "Cablestrips"? They have the same function? I know it doesnt look nice...
  5. Hello searching for a set of 4 forged pistons for my 4efte (with pistonrings and so one) I have allready ROSS forged rods... Please only new or with low mileage without any mistakes...would like to drive a TD04 ;) Thanks
  6. If one had a second gen1 ecu - i would like to have one...
  7. Why breaks the torque down at the gen1 engine? Is there something which switch on/off? I didnt see this 100hp engine bevor...but it is very interesting!
  8. I searching for new unused Forged Racing Pistons... Because i cant find my "old" ROSS Pistons... If you know where i get them for small be so kind and tell me.... SORRY for bad english... thanks Martin
  9. Oil temp gauge will come - but i m a little bit afraid to drive without oil cooler - because i don't want to have a bad engine after some drives... If i get one - how many rows it should have?
  10. Hello do i need a oil cooler for my 4efte engine with td04 or is it not necessary? Do you have one? When should i have one? Thanks for Answers...
  11. 5efe camshafts and ACIS intake from 5efhe and 88hp exhaust manifold 4efe with exhaust and acis will put around 96hp
  12. Hi i searching for the both option Harnesses of the Greddy Emanage Blue Piggyback ECU with postage to germany Thanks for offers
  13. You can build an 4efe with turbo but the crank has a different lift so i would prefer a crank of 4efte... The head and block should nearly the same so you can use ist - only the bolts for "oil relocator" arent there in the 4efe engine... Valves and springs i dont know
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