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  1. Thanks, the online seller has offered to send me out the correct caliper part for no extra charge.
  2. I phoned Toyota, they confirmed the OEM as 47750-16090. I don't know why the spare parts sites show 47750-10090 as being compatible.
  3. Thanks, I would but the mechanic put it back on the car! He said it looked identical to the new one I'd bought except it was about an inch bigger. He copied down the information that was written on it before he put it back on: 1702 TOYOTA 8YS 48-18
  4. Forgot to mention, this is a front brake caliper. I guess I should contact Toyota for the OEM part number?
  5. I bought this one: TOYOTA OEM-47750-10090 Which is compatible for: Starlet V Hatchback (P90) (75 PS, 01.1996 - 10.1999 MY) Starlet 4 Hatchback (P80) (54 - 75 PS, 12.1989 - 03.1996 MY) online chat with a supplier suggested I get this one: TOYOTA OEM -47750-16090 which is compatible for: Paseo Coupe (EL54) (90 PS, 08.1995 - 06.1999 MY) Starlet V Hatchback (P90) (75 PS, 01.1996 - 10.1999 MY) also, this one has mounting bores at 155mm as opposed to the first one which is 130mm. This matches what the mechanic said about the one I bought being too small.
  6. I used caranalytics.co.uk to find out which version of the (1999) Starlet I have, as I didn't know if mine was the 63kW / 85 hp or the 55 kW / 75 hp model. The site said that mine was the 55kW version, and also according to Wikipedia "basically all" of the European Starlets had this version of the 4E-FE engine (off-topic, where are the 63kW versions?). I ordered a front left caliper that said it fitted the 55kW model... However, when the mechanic came to fit this new caliper, he discovered it was smaller than the original existing one. He also said my Starlet was the more powerful model according to his DVLA check, hence the bigger brake caliper. I've tried looking for a caliper for the more powerful version but can only find calipers intended for ABS brakes (my car does not have ABS...). Can anyone point me in the right direction?? Did Toyota start fitting slightly larger (about an inch) calipers to the same model of Starlet at some point?
  7. Ha ha yes, let's hope the roof rack is good so I stay up there
  8. Hi, I had a look around the forum but couldn't find recommendations for this. I have a T-reg '99, 1.3, 3 door Starlet, I'm looking for a roof rack so that will be good for carrying sheet material (8 feet x 4 feet).
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