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  1. stock engine only has 110000km on it.
  2. Hey guys, I bought a toms p&p for my starlet ep82 and i was just wondering what boost preasure i could run it at now? I have loads of supporting mods done too, speedvision gen 3 hybride turbo blitz decat and full nur spec exhaust system. 4branch hks front mount blitz boost controler hks acuator 255 fuel pump etc
  3. Thanks mate il have a look now
  4. Hi im looking for a mines, blitz, jam etc plug and play ecu for my ep82 gt turbo. I would prefer a Mines ecu to yhe rest. If you are selling one please message me, your price. I need it posted to Ireland
  5. Hi I would like to go, have you got a set date for this ?
  6. Hey guys, Looking to buy this kit with spoiler and wider wings. what would be the best price for all delivered to ireland ?
  7. Ok well if we get a date set me and my pals will come up, car list: gt turbo starlet Glanza 2 2jz twin turbo supras celica gt4 Probly be a few more toyotas joining us aswel.
  8. Id be up for that, some great area's along the coast up there for pics
  9. Full gt turbo breakin. Full interior including door cards 250 Gt turbo dash + clocks 120 Stering wheel 20 Front bumper has small crack 160 Back bumper 150 Side skirts + door pannel 200 Strips for wings 10 each Bonnet 160 Boot lid 100 Spoiler 80 Will sell full Gt kit for 750 Quad headlights with cover 200 each exstreamly hard to get anymore ! Gt grill 60 Back side windows tinted 40 each Front windows 40 each Mirrors 35 each Gt tail lights 80 each Doors 50 each not electric Standard Ecu 50 Indicator lights 25 each F&F boost gauge 20 New Greddy Bov 60 Front and rear shocks with
  10. Hey can you give me your best price delivered to ireland
  11. Whats the best price delivered to Ireland ? Whats the best price delivered to Ireland ?
  12. Is the ecu for an ep82 starlet or ep91 ?
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