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  1. I found som alloy's i world lige for My starlet, the Are 15x7 et 29, and has a 175-55 tyre, wil they rub bad? Thanks OH and it's an ep91 na
  2. So that plate you fabricate make the holes sit like on the original strut? Or do i understand it wrong :-)
  3. Hi i was wondering..... I saw on the 6n coilovers that you mention you drilled the camber wrong? how do you know if you drill it right or wrong? :-)
  4. Hey in here, i can't really find a topic about his but.. I'm wondering if any of thee seats would fit in a starlet? Thanks :-)
  5. DKDK


    There probably shouldt be any tax to Denmark, but still 120 pounds for an armrest is pretty steep...... But i might contact you next month tommconnolly if i get a good paycheck
  6. DKDK


    Exactly, i think 120 pounds for an armrest is quite expensive, i would pay it if i had the money but yeah.... And also i lige in denmark, so the shipping would be insane...
  7. DKDK


    Hey UKSO I'm on the look out for a center armrest for my starlet, i know there are som original ones out there but i think that they are a bit pricey, and very hard to find..... So has any of you guys had any luck with some universal armrest? Or know some one who will sell an original one for a good price Thanks :-)
  8. PS. It's a n/a if that makes any difference
  9. Ooops i meant 15x7 et 30 175-55
  10. As the title says, would these rub with 40mm lowering and standard struts? or should i go 15x8 et 30 with 175-55? :-)
  11. Thanks a lot guys, think i will go for some BC's
  12. And D2's are no good? I have heard mixed things about D2's....
  13. Hey UKSO I have been looking for some coilovers for my starlet and where i live i have the choice between k-sport and BC.... Would it be worth it to spend the extra money on some BC's or should i just get the k-sport's?
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