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  1. I’m looking for a rear gearbox (Motor) mount. You got one?
  2. I did them to 200nm, close enough. Good to be sure. thanks.
  3. Here is an interesting video from Scotty.
  4. I have a fully standard ep91 (1998) with immobilizer. In fact I am dealing with reprogramming it (The 24C04 EEPROM and Poniprog). So if anyone has a immoblizer box (not ECU) for sale please throw me a line. I am experimenting, results will be published here... :-)
  5. I am looking at a intake manifold exchange. Reason I am taking it to here is. The seller wont ship me the "well known" all famouse bigger 4e-fe maifold without a VIN/Chases number. So I was wondering if you guys could supply a corolla VIN/Chases number for this car that has the preferred intake manifold. I appreciate it. Thanks. Johann.
  6. What body are you driving trigger88? What ET offset do you have on those 17´s ?
  7. I have currently have 185/60 R15 under ep91 they rug a plastic in the rear fender. Small mod would probably get them free totally. I have been running them for 6 months now. A good tire calculator is found here. Everything is in inches. http://www.discounttire.com/dtcs/infoTireMath.do
  8. Does anyone have the torque setting for the wheel bearing nuts, I need both front and back. I have EP91 1998 Thanks in advance.
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