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  1. Cheers for the replies! So far, I have fitted a Powerflow Cat Back exhaust. Got a few photos of her yesterday after a good clean.
  2. Had this since late June, and planning on getting it back to pretty standard SR spec with a few performance upgrades mainly with the inlet and outlet. I bought the car with it being completely stock, a T reg (1999), 143k miles, in Black. The only thing I’ve done is put the Team Heko wind deflectors on (sorry but I like em !), a Pioneer CD player with aux input, and a cheap performance air filter from halfords (will be temporary as planning on upgrading to a better one in future). It’s in decent condition for the amount of miles on the clock, having all the original SR stickers (which are now pretty faded!). While has some pretty bad rust at the back end of the car which will need to be tended to. I’ll get some more photos soon. Cheers.
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