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  1. Topic can be closed, found one on ebay. Originates from Japan and is already in my garage waiting to be renewed.
  2. Yes I do, and after some asking around they are called "Plate Nuts". Many hardware stores have them, I just have to find the right diameter now.
  3. Big chance that nobody can help me but, here goes: I am looking for the part numbers of the metal clips which are connecting the rear Glanza bumper lip to the rear bumper. I already found the part numbers of the plastic screws and the metal screws, but I also want the other clips and other parts to be fresh and new... Any ideas?
  4. If by some accident, I placed this in the wrong forum part. Please let me know!
  5. Thanks for the welcome! Where would I put my build then? In the EP91 or the EP91 Glanza section? 🙄
  6. Hi Jerry Peeren, If you still need some assistance, there is a Dutch company who could help you perhaps.
  7. In The Netherlands, there are a few companies who can do this. When you send your lights, they will modify them and send them back. That's how mine were converted. Works perfectly.
  8. I am looking for an original TRD front strut bar/brace (whichever it is called) which is mounted on the top of the shock mounts. The image enclosed is not mine, but since they are rare, I cannot make one myself. The paint does not have to be good, I will have it resprayed into the colour of my car anyway. I however do care about the state of the mounting parts. I want them to be in decent shape or tips on how to refurbish them to pristine condition. I also know they do not come cheap, I know the go for over €150.- easily (to say carefully of course) so tempt me with
  9. Good evening everyone on this forum, My name is Dennis, 38 of age, Gourmetski is my nickname, and I live in The Netherlands. 4 years ago I bought a dark green metallic '98 EP91 which I had the plan of restoring/modifying to a Glanza, later on more specific to a Glanza S outside but with the 4E-FTE engine. The car officially is one of the most complete LHD conversions of a Starlet into a Glanza that I know of, all small details are accounted for, even under the bonnet, the rear and underneath the car. Some of the items come from several English based stores (brakes, b
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