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  1. I will have to post the requirements from the job spec tomorrow.
  2. PM's please, all CVs will be reviewed by myself and the QA Lead and any suitable candidates will be invited for a formal interview.
  3. More details via PM to those interested.
  4. It's that time of year again when we're looking to recruit a Games Tester to join our QA team...as last time, I'm throwing it open here if anyone is interested. The role is based in Chiswick, full time, excellent pay and benefits.
  5. I have one vid from the EP if you look at my other videos...it's a shit 10 min lap and I did the car no justice. The hire company gave us all beer at the end of the day as we'd given them almost 5k in 2 days. We had 3 cars which had allowance for 42 laps in total and we ended up doing 62, that meant an extra 20 EUR a lap aswell as the laps themselves! I spent 1250EUR on laps alone...next time I'm buying a year pass Me in the epic white Swift
  6. I'm up to around 40 laps, my mate did his 9.10 after just 8 laps so I'm a bit shit lol. I kept having those French RS's all day, they really didn't want me getting past their convoy on the faster sections.
  7. It's all in the rubber...and I was 3rd fastest in our group. You could not get them out of shape. One of our guys had a 2750 EUR bill though when he wrote one off in the afternoon
  8. Ok so my EP days are long gone but fun all the same...
  9. cheers guys, there's not a lot else I can do to the car (not like the EP!!)..it's more about keeping it in shape.
  10. A few pics...no more videos though. I found a disused business park right in the centre of Dorking so pulled up tonight. I got rid of the old heat shield and polished the pipes up etc to make the back end look a bit better I also stumbled across a guy who'd made a carbon transmission tunnel and carbon/kevlar door cards on Ebay, so snapped them up and spent a LONG time getting them to fit. The glovebox lid I did myself in carbon cloth as a skin of a spare lid.
  11. If my wife hasn't dropped our second girl (gulp) I'll try and get a vid in the A3 tunnel Saturday from the exhaust for the fireworks.
  12. I do miss the EP and this forum. I'm mooching around in a 172 Cup at the moment and it reminds me so much of the trackstar. I'll sort some pics
  13. Better video of the exhaust noise... The car now has decats fitted so it's even louder than it was before, other tweaks have happened including a lot of carbon/kevlar parts if anyone wants some pics?
  14. What happened Sam? how come you're selling...you're as bad as me.
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