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  1. I've got 3 point harneses in the gtt. the rear i put in to the point were the middle seatbelt is bolted down.. (plug and belt.) you get longer bolts with the harnesses so you keep your middle seatbelt aswell.. and the 2 others just bolt to were the buckle and lapbelt are on either side of the seat hope this is of help..
  2. ;) LOL!!!! thats pretty funny, honda..... lmao
  3. stop teasing!!! lol lovely looking car there mate! . ps. loving the hat your passenger is wearing..
  4. bypass the heater matrix..... how do you do that?
  5. hi, just got the car back from having a healthcheck and setup, if i drive it at a bar or under it has no signs of slipping, but when bumped up over a bar and planted it just shoots off the limiter. the clutch was only replaced 10k ago so should still be ok..?? (standard clutch) im going to order a new upgrated clutch but i would like to no what power the standard clutch can take,???? and is it just the power of the car thats doing this? current spec.. gt spec hybrid hks actuator ab88 fmic zisco compact mani zisco decat P flow ss exhaust uprated fuel pump fpr greddy profec EBC green front mount filter jam fcd cheers in advance, any help is greatly apreciated cheers jamie
  6. well, had the turbo fitted now for a few weeks, what a piece ov kit. only running .80 as my hks actuator has not yet been fitted, and its still very very quick! pulls so well even at low revs. enzo was a pleasure to deal with, and recieved it about 3 days before expecting so was very happy. once i get this actuator fitted and set up to 1.1bar, ill get it dynoed and post it up for yous.. along with the current spec list.. cheers enzo mate! jamie
  7. cnt help ya but i actuly LOL when i read that... good luck
  8. i rekon these are going to be very popular....
  9. I rekon i could make a fortune selling these to chavs round my way,.. To be&Q 4 mdf and flourescent paint..
  10. alright mate.. hows it goin? wer bouts you from?? you ave a starlet or wat you drive??
  11. thanks guys for the feedback! think ill go for 1 of the autobahn kits then..! cheers jamie
  12. as it says im stuck for what intercooler to buy, got a budget of about 350.... been thinking either hdi or an autobahn88... nat sure about the autobahn tho... id have already bout the hdi 1 frm dane but i would rather pay by credit card if i can.. thoughts welcome. cheers jamie :surrender:
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