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  1. thnx guys for the info this was nearly sold... so I really needed to know if it wasn't a cruise loom. which made a difference of a few hundred quids
  2. I knew that Colin but is it the famous Cruise loom?
  3. Edited the tags now clickable hopefully
  4. I was cleaning out my garage and found alot of starlet goodies... Just the normal mod stuff trd mounts pu mounts greddy type s etc etc.... But also found this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3w5lb45z67wisxk/20140511_141511.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/csj5hbi5jz3elpf/20140511_141530.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/1537pnsifo6gu15/IMG-20140511-WA0048.jpg Not sure of the pics work (writing this on my phone) It appears to have a fcon connector on it (not 100% sure tho) Could this be the famous and extremely expensive cruise loom? Which were sold for ALOT of money? Someone who can tell more about it? Thnx in advance!
  5. I like! Oh and shelly thnx for the support helping my mate out to make the travel abit easier!
  6. Bump for free boobies!!! on the serious side, has anyone seen or heard this moron after this post?
  7. Hm not well known with trains over there... Hope you can point out a bit in the right direction for him If the car is in good condition I'm sure he will make the trip back home...
  8. Would be cool if someone can taxi him and his friend to reading
  9. Keep it colin... ship it over to Canada lol. Too bad its abit too far away for me
  10. yes Shelly, I pushed him a little bit your direction lol... only downside... his airplane is landing like 100 miles away... so he has to figure out where and how to get a rental car and where the nearest dropoff point is. But I'm sure he is going to make it in time
  11. little harsh? this just costs him a couple of hundreds.... my friend is a gennuine buyer who really wanted the car.
  12. Hm, well he could at least STOP IGNORING my mates messages and reply in an honest way... story short: my mate is a couple of hundred bucks out of pocket by this #%^@#&
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