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  1. It's a pretty easy job to do really. Best to remove bumper the night before, an give all bolts a good soak in wd-40 or any penetrating oil. If you can reach or see the back of the bolt, get a wire brush (toothbrush size) and clean off any thread's showing and spray with oil. This save's dragging shit threw the threads as you undo it, also brush the heads clean so socket sits right. Any point while undoing bolts and they go tight, stop an wind back in and spray, then back out. You prob know most of what i have said, but if the bar is looking worse for wear then the bolts will be
  2. I did think that but was unsure as couldn't find any info on it. Cheers bud
  3. While stripping out the boost controller an turbo timer, i came across this.. It is wired into the ecu from what i can see, any info would be great. Have been looking online but can't even find a picture of it anywhere. Thanks in advance for any help...
  4. Pm on its way... Yep still have motor.. Have to let daniel first as he first to replie...
  5. Item For Sale: Passenger window motor... SOLD TO steve-gers Item For Sale: MK1 Square light front Grill. MK1 rear GT glow panel. SOLD TO daniel_g Item For Sale: SARD Fuel Regulator,Oilgauge,fuel adaptor... Item Condition & Description: Brand new never been used, still in original packing.. Brought for my starlet but never used it... Price: £70 Delivered Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal only, 1st class recorded.. Item For Sale: TOYOTA Starlet handbook.. Item Condition & Description: In very good condition.. Price: £10 Delivered Pictures: Payment & Sh
  6. Hi, where abouts are you? Im looking at selling my GT With only a few mods, looking for about £1600 ono for it..
  7. Had a car accident a few years ago.. Hit a tree drivers side, crushed my right leg an arm, pushed the seat up an my head hit the roof fracturing my neck vertabrae's 4 5 7 and crushed number 6 into 4 bits. Body/neck brace for 3 months then a soft brace for another 3 months..
  8. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRUPART-AD1-WIPE...=item1e6830ed7a These the ones i got...
  9. As tital say's im sure i seen somewhere that someone was making these to replace the vent an give your bonnet the Gi look.. Any help would be great...
  10. HB4 9006 inner fullbeam... HB3 9005 outer dipped... I got mine from egay £35 same as mark prob, they were just a simple plug an play system...
  11. Was stunned to read about this earlyer.. R.i.P buddy...
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